Recent Empties

Aug 3, 2017


Most of the products I got with me were full to the brim so, it took me some time to come up with these. (Remember the empties post with 30 items that I did just before leaving Kolkata in April?)

Also, I have so sucked into the household business that I was hardly taking care of myself - no skin care routine (my skin didn' responded well to the lack of pampering) and three-minute showers. I am trying to make amends in that. 

The keyword here is - trying.

Recent Empties

  • Himalaya Herbals Gentle Daily Care Protein Shampoo: Even though I got a truck load of things with me, I forgot to bring any shampoo. I was roaming like a street bum for a week for my inability to visit a mall to pick The Body Shop Rainforest shampoo. I had to pick something and picked this up. I guess it is the only shampoo available at grocery stores which is SLS free. Faced massive hair-fall within a couple of weeks. Don't know if I should blame the water in Noida, the change in season, or this shampoo. But, the hair fall issue stopped after in a week. Have you used this shampoo? I finished this up but using it for bubbles for pedicure. I moved to Kama Rose Jasmine after this. I had tried it before in Kolkata and loved it there, but in Noida, it does not lathers like it used to there. Luckily, I found the fantastic deal for TBS shampoo so, back to my holy grail again. Hope you have seen the 50% Discount Haul from The Body Shop. I am also using the Sathhwa Premium Hair Oil.

  • Japakusum: Because I was worried about the hair-fall as mentioned above. Just finished this and going to start the new one. See the before and after use pic and review here.

  • Apple Cider Vinegar: Because I do not use conditioners. I will be buying the next bottle soon, and this time I will be going bigger. In the last week, I used flat beer as a rinse, but it is not something that you wish to smell like when you have to visit a formal place. Any better idea to use flat beer?

  • Patanjali Body Ubtan: Probably the cheapest body scrub and also the effective one. This has ingredients that probably your grandma use to make ubtan. I love this. For Rs 60, it is great. Plus, now Patanjali products are available everywhere. Everywhere. I do not wish to, get into that discussion about how they have started to make everything. I have not tried everything they sell nor I intend to but you have to expect that few of their products are great.

  • FabIndia Coffee Neroli Body Scrub: Yes, darling. I am really trying to take care of myself and trying to use a body scrub every day. This one is lovely. Read the review here.

  • L'Oreal Eyeliner: This is good but the tip is bent out of shape so, this has to go into the bin.

  • FabIndia Papaya Scrub: It is a good one, but I got bored of this. So, used this as a body scrub.

My 'matra' is simple. Something does not work the way it is supposed to? Let's not sweat and try to find some other way finish it up. 

Does it lather? Use it for pedicures. 
Too harsh for pedicure? Wash clothes. 
Does not lather? Use it as body scrub/body mask. 
Too harsh for the body? Use it for the foot.
But, at times, you do have to throw things aware.

How do you 'up'-cycle things that do not work for you?


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