1M Intimate Cream Wash pH 3.5

Jul 27, 2017

1M Intimate Cream Wash pH 3.5
1M Intimate Cream Wash

Do you use intimate wash? I do and have been using one that was recommended to my mother by her gynecologist. I have been loyal to it so far. But, a couple of months back I got to know about a 'cream wash', I know you should not get experimental with these things, but I felt that I have to give a try.

What is 1M Intimate Cream Wash? It is a water soluble cream which can be applied on wet or dry intimate area. If needed, rinse lightly during bathing. 

1M Intimate Cream Wash pH 3.5
1M Intimate Cream Wash pH 3.5 Ingredients

But, I used it as a wash. It lathers lightly and cleans efficiently. It does have added fragrance. It also has effective ingredients like lactic acid, Sea Buckthorn oil, and tea tree oil. Something made me feel that it is going to be work great as a face wash. I did give it a try. Did I just gross you out? Well, it is inside a tube. So, after it comes out of the tube, how does it matter if it lands on my vay-jay or face?Anyways, it is a soothing face wash which does not dry out skin. Think of this as a fancier and creamier Cetaphil. Everyone with sensitive skin will appreciate this. You can thank me later for introducing you to a Rs 138 for 100g face wash which does not dry out skin.

Coming to the wash as something for your intimate areas. I think I might have grown bias to the one that I have been using for years now. In case you are wondering it is Lactacyd. So, the different fragrance and texture took me some time to get used it. I still haven't tried leaving it on my intimate skin. But, other than that, I have no complaints. I am using it during this monsoon weather when itchiness and infections are all time high. All those tiny microbes have a gala time there. But, I did not face any concerns this season. The texture is very thick and creamy. You need very little at one go. This tube is gonna last for long. 

1M Intimate Cream Wash is manufactured by Ozone Ayurvedics. It retails in two variants. 3.5 for reproductive years and 6.8PH – for Menopausal Years. 

1M Intimate Cream Wash pH 3.5 Texture
1M Intimate Cream Wash pH 3.5 Texture

Now, something about intimate wash. I know some people do not use it and are anti such things. But, even my gynecologist recommends this - even for young people. We spend a lot of time out, use public or washrooms at restaurants and mall, at times hold it for long, and wear tight clothes. The vay-jay (and even eyes) cleans itself, but when you are subjecting your vay-jay to so much, it is better to be cautious. Do not use them every day but use them at times. It helps.

Do you use intimate wash?

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