Sathhwa Premium Hair Oil

Jun 20, 2017

One of the things I badly miss here in Delhi are the oil champi sessions. Generally, girls run away from their moms when it comes to oiling hair. But, oil is life for me. So, I plead my mom or anyone who seem remotely interested in massaging oil into my scalp. Somehow, I am never like the idea of doing it myself. While coconut and almond oil are my first choices, I also tried Kama Neem which worked well for me. But, those are all heavy oil. When it comes to applying oil on my own, I prefer the lighter textures. That is my favorite my go to oil has now become - Satthwa Premium Hair Oil.

Sathhwa Premium Hair Oil (Slows Premature Greying, Promotes Hair Growth, Prevents Dandruff, Stops Hair Fall)
Sathhwa Premium Hair Oil

Sathhwa Premium Hair Oil Ingredients
Sathhwa Premium Hair Oil Ingredients 

Price: Rs 599 for 100ml. Going by the density of the oil and the recommended frequency, one bottle will last you a couple of months. 

Ingredients: It is a blend of eight potent oils which are superfoods for your hair and scalp, along with vitamin E. The oils are Almond Oil, Castor Oil, Coconut Oil, Grapeseed Oil, Emu Oil, Amla Oil, Jojoba Oil, and Olive Oil.

See that impressive list? Though it has some heavy oils, the texture is light and it gets absorbed into hair very well. It washes off easily leaving behind smooth hair. Delhi is very dry compared to Kolkata so, I make try to oil my hair before I shampoo (even if it is for a couple of hours). But, I see the best results when I keep it overnight. I have used henna on my hair only once recently and when I used this...oh that feeling after I shampooed my hair. The combined effect of henna and Satthwa Oil was mindblowing. I could not stop touching my hair.

Sathhwa Premium Hair Oil
Sathhwa Premium Hair Oil

Does it promote hair growth and stops hair fall? The water quality is not as good as the one I had in Kolkata and my lifestyle has changed a lot so, I cannot say anything about the hair growth. But, I am not facing any hair fall issues either. Also, it is supposed to be used twice a week for 3-4 months for best results and I have used it for one month only. 

Does it prevent dandruff? The air is so dry here that my scalp can look flaky at times. This one surely helps in moisturizing my scalp and prevent flakes.

Other hair products that I am using are Kama Ayurveda Neem Oil (when I have a lot of time in hand), Kama Ayurveda Rose Jasmine Shampoo (started using it when I moved to Delhi), and Apple Cider Vinegar (as final conditioning rinse). I am not using Japakusum these days as I get too tired before bed to even think about any beauty routine. 

Overall: I do think that this is a great oil. I do not have any complaints. The only issue here is the price. Price wise, I find it is expensive. There are no mention if oils are cold-pressed or organic to justify the price.

Have you used this?


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