OPI is Now in India #OverTheTaupe

Jun 2, 2017

OPI Over the Taupe Nail Polish in India
OPI Over the Taupe Nail Polish in India

So, this happened last week. I received a call from PR informing that OPI is coming to India and they wish to send one to me. I was elated, but a voice inside me urged me to ask her what shade of nail paint they are sending to me. It was some blue shade. I asked if she had something else. She told me the name of a green shade. Not interested. Yet. I was already feeling ashamed of asking things like this, but I tried for one last time - "Any other shades?"

"We do have a lovely nude type brown shade. You might like it. It is Over the Taupe."

My jaws hit the floor. Is this for real? I have been lusting over this since I first day I saw it. I have been trying to find a dupe of that for as long as I can remember. Just read this post I wrote in 2011, and you will smell how desperate I was - The End of Taupe Search.

And that is not all! I have mentioned about Taupe nail polish almost every year of my blogging life. Even last year there is this Taupe Grey that made me go weak.

In fact, I was so psyched when I received the bottle that I could not bring myself to wear it. What if it does not look good on me? What if it is not like how I think it would be?

But, yesterday, with loads of courage I applied the color on my nails. It is just great. The color is appropriate for every time. And it turns out, yesterday was National Nail Polish Day. So, that's something. 

OPI Over The Taupe Swatch under warm afternoon Sunlight
OPI Over The Taupe Swatch under warm afternoon Sunlight
OPI Over The Taupe Swatch in shade during dusk

So, we have OPI here in India officially. They are available online in Nykaa, but I wish to visit a store and check the options. They are priced at Rs 850 (ouch!) so, be one thousand percent sure about the color you wish to add. 

In other news, my new home in Noida is coming to some shape after a month of insane shopping. I now dream of crockery instead of makeup. These chic pineapple platter serve ware is from Chumbak.


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