FabIndia COFFEE NEROLI Revitalising and Toning Body Polish

Jun 9, 2017

I purchased my first FabIndia product in 2009. It was a soap – Orange Neroli. I was not even aware of Neroli before buying that, but I was in love. It is still my top favorites when it comes to soaps. A couple of weeks back, I decided to peep into FabIndia – not for bath and body but home and décor. (My life revolves around that these days. Sigh!) I noticed that the packaging is all changed. Thought of picking my favorite charcoal but it is nowhere to be found. Then, I saw this glass tub on Neroli written on it. I could not resist. You see, over the years I have discovered how much I love fresh citrusy scents like Orange, Neroli, and Satsuma. Unfortunately, there aren’t many products with such fragrances. I had to get it. Plus, coffee and sea salt are great for exfoliation with nourishment. How could I miss it?

Ingredients: Good enough to eat - Sea Salt, Cane Sugar, Palm Oil, Rice Barn Oil, Coconut Oil, Neroli Flower Extract, Orange Peel Extract, Coffee Bean Extract.

Fragrance: The magic citrus floral fragrance of Neroli. The scent transfers to skin and lasts for long. I use it generally in my night shower, and I have sniffed it on my arms when I wake up the next morning. 

Efficacy: First of all, this is not a body scrub. This is not a champion in exfoliating. It exfoliates when used it small quantity on moist skin. But, do not expect to scrub away your tan. I still love it. It does gentle polishing because of the cane sugar.It loaded with moisturizing oils which do not leave behind any sticky or dry feel but leave very soft skin. You can happily skip moisturizers after using this.

Overall: Life is crazy busy these days. Work is even crazier. I look forward to a calm destressing shower at the end of every day. This is helping a lot in calming my nerves and ease me into sleep. Even in aromatherapy, Neroli essential oils is praised as an effective antidepressant which as a tranquilizer that can help alleviate anxiety.

Oh, and it also has coffee extract. Those tiny dots you see? I think they are coffee. I cannot smell them. Too much love for Neroli here. It is more of a sugar body polish with Neroli essential oil than Coffee Neroli Body Polish. 😄

And if you even find a good Neroli Essential Oil then let me know. This seems to work better than Lavender for me.


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