Sip Of Summer: My Envy Box May Beauty Box 2017

May 29, 2017

Most of you might have already received their My Envy Box. My address at My Envy Box was updated right after they shipped the May Beauty Box. So, it went to Kolkata. Later, my mom forwarded it to here in Delhi. So, here are my 2 cents on the tropical vibe watermelon box.

First of all, I have a serious weakness for watermelon prints - watermelon print pouch, watermelon shape bag, socks, just name it! It is stronger than my love for the pineapple prints. Well, watermelon was cooler way before pineapple got famous. Isn't it? So, the print here won my heart.

  • The Nature's Co Mango Creme Body Wash: It is almost full-size at 175ml (Rs 695). I have a million questions here. Have Nature's Co stopped their own beauty box? Why have they go against the theme and sent Mango when they had a Watermelon bath product (The Nature's Co Watermelon Exfoliating Body Wash)? Mango is not very common is bath products so, this one what I used first out for the box. It smells like a nice Mango candy - sweet and fruity. Also, it is moisturizing and causes no dryness. Unfortunately, the fragrance does not transfer to the skin.
  • Cheryl's Cosmeceuticals DermaShade SPF 30: (Full Size, Rs 550 for 50gm) Lovely fragrance and quick dry. Looking forward to using it when the sun is less intense. I am currently testing The Body Shop Skin Defence with 50 SPF PA++++.
  • Fuschia Herbal Fusion Shampoo: (Rs 450 for 100ml) This is sulfate free. Updating you about this shortly.
  • Grecobe Green Coffee: (Rs 70 for 5 Sachets) Don't drink coffee so, maybe will offer guests to try.
And now few products that are too small to use and form an opinion
  • Three Single-use Sachets from L'Occitane: L'Occitane Shea Butter Hand Cream (3ml), Reine Blanche Illuminating Cream (1.5ml), and Reine Blanche Illuminating Serum (1.5ml). I would have appreciated if they had sent three sachets of the same product. That would have also made the box more unique which everyone receiving a different product.
  • Omorfree Mellow Drizzle Skin Toner: (2 x 2 ml) Going my the leaflet that accompanies the box, I belived they send at least a 30ml spray bottle. I had strong feeling that I was going to love it. Then, I discovered these two bubble-wrapped glass vials. 😑

Overall: Loved the box. The mango shower creme body wash is something that loved and won't have every tried otherwise. The products are worth more than the price of the box. 


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