Himalaya Herbals Alcohol-Free Mouthwash

May 18, 2017

I love the fact that Himalaya personal care products now have stand-alone stores, everywhere. I first saw then long back in Kolkata, but now I spot them more often. It is better to pick products on suggestions of the sales assistant who know the products rather than choosing products randomly. You might have seen my haul post here and here.

A couple of days back, I spotted another store in Noida and had to peek in. I immediately picked the three types of mouthwash that Himalaya Herbals has recently introduced. They did send me a hamper box couple of months back, but I could not bring the mouthwashes with me to Noida. I will tell you why later in the post.

Price: Rs 95 for 215 ml (Just like other mouthwashes in India)

Personally, I like brushing my teeth more than mouthwashes because I hate the burning taste. On top of that, my tongue fails to feel anything after using mouthwashes – not something that I enjoy. But, these new ones from Himalaya are free of alcohol so, just have a refreshing and cooling feel but no burning taste. They are mild and yet removes up t0 99% bacteria and prevents plaque build-up.

There are three variants so, something for everybody.

  • Complete Care: This contains Miswask and Pomegranate. This is the strongest and most effective of all in respect of removing bad breath.
  • Sparkling White: This contains Papaya and Pineapple. I am not sure if this gives whiter teeth, but I do like the taste.
  • Active Fresh: Saunf and Mint. This is my favorite. I find the taste very refreshing. I think most people will like this because we are used to eating saunf after meals.

What could have been better? The bottles leak unless you keep them in the upright position. This is why I could not bring them with me. The caps needs improvement to prevent the leak. Mouthwashes are best suited for travels so, mini/pocket size bottles are suitable. But, these Himalaya ones comes only in one size.

Alcohol-free mouthwashes are not very common in India. There are only couple of them I am aware of – Colgate Fresh Tea and another one from Himalaya –HiOra. HiOra range was suggested even by my dentist because my gums are at times sensitive. Now, we have three new variations of alcohol-free mouthwash to try. Next time, you spot a Himalaya store, do give these a try.


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