Natural Skincare Ingredients + Where to Buy Them Online

Apr 12, 2017

You know how I like products with less but potent ingredients. And now, we have a store to supply those potent ingredients – Blend it Raw. While choosing the products, I realized how I have been depended on these or have been meaning to try them for long now. Here are ingredients which I think is absolutely necessary if you love DIYs for your skin.

Also, small-brand shout-out to ‘Blend it Raw’ from where I restocked my stash. The products are affordable and arrived quickly.

  • Activated Charcoal (Rs 200 for 150gm): Charcoal sucks in dirt and you must have seen it being used in a number of products. Instead of wasting money on products which have very low amount of charcoal and might not even work great for you, add pure activated charcoal your holy grail favorites. I have learned this the hard way by spending a lot on charcoal products. Add it to toothpaste for whiter teeth, face wash for deep cleansing, face mask to suck in toxins, or eat it to flush out toxins and absorbs harmful microbes in your guts. The usage of charcoal is limited only by your imagination. You will need very less amount so, one tub will last months. The one I was currently using was from Green Junction.
  • Aloe Vera Gel (Rs 250 for 200gm): You might have jumped on the DIY wagon because you have sensitive skin or get rashes from the run-of-the-mill drugstore products. You must have already used Aloe Vera for rashes, sunburn, relief from an insect bite, after waxing or shaving. I love the calming feel of Aloe that none can provide. So, you cannot miss it in your stash. I love the transparent pure one. No artificial green color or fancy additives in it. As those are tough to find, I hoard them. I have enough Aloe Vera Gel in my home to survive a zombie apocalypse. The cherry on top – I also have an Aloe Vera plant! Happy to add another tub. Other favorites - FabInda Aloe Gel, Ananda in the Himalaya Rose Aloe Gel
  • Bentonite Clay (Rs 475 for 175gm): Heard about the amazing results from Aztec secret Indian healing clay and Apple Cider Vinegar? The two ingredients face mask that those with acne-prone skin swore by? Well, that Indian Healing Clay is nothing but bentonite Clay. it is different from Fuller’s Earth (Multani Mitti). I always wanted to try this. Cannot wait to start my DIYs. I am also planning to add a pinch of charcoal powder to the mix,
  • Face Oils: I can write songs about my love for face oils. While I started with complex formulas, recently, I tried and loved single ingredient oils like Rosehip Oil and Apricot Oil. Many suggested me to try the Grapeseed oil. So, here I am giving it to a try.
  • Floral Waters: This is a must while using face oils. Also, I love the refreshing feel, especially in summer. Some random spritz on your face and you are ready to pounce the world. I always have the rose one in stock. But, around a month back, when I to pick a new bottle, I thought for giving Mogra a try. Loved it so, picked another Jasmine. If you like complicated ones then you can try Panchpushp as well. During summer, it is great to have one around.
  • Bengal Gram Flour or Besan: It is one of the best face cleansers. It does not harm sensitive skin, adds radiance, removes tan, and is easily available in every Indian kitchen. Mix it with a bit of turmeric and sandalwood and you have a bomb of a face mask. I love how it mixes easily with other DIY ingredients and work as an effective cleanser. It is not from Blend it Raw. I added it to the list because I love it and have been using it since I was 11 years old!

Any other ingredients that you love to have which makes DIY easier? Do share your favorite DIY skincare ingredients.

If you wish to buy from them then drop them an email at If possible, let them know that you got to know the brand from Sweet And Bitter Blog. Just a small request.


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