The 30 Items Massive Empties Post

Apr 3, 2017

For over a year, I was away from home. I would come once a month to Kolkata, pick up new products to try, refill my travel bottles with my Holy Grails, and that's all. But, from mid of February, I had no travel plans. So, I decided that it's time to declutter because my drawers were so full that they won't even close while most of the products were already on the bathroom shelves and some suffocated by the stuffed environment of the drawers even migrated on the book self 🙈

When I took out all the products, I found several half-used products or just left with just left with a couple of usages. Sadly, many were on the verge of expiry or just exhausted their shelf life. 😟 I made a target to use only those and skip my favorites. It feels bad to throw things away so, I even repurposed few of the products. Obviously, I checked them properly before using them. Face scrubs were used as body scrubs, toner as a medium to mix body wrap mix, etc. Still, a lot of those 'target' products are left.

I had fun. Have your ever done this? 

The first time I did this when I found a crappy shampoo that I later used to wash scarfs.  😃

1. The Body Shop Fresh Plumping British Rose

2. The Body Shop Purifying Glowing Himalayan Charcoal Mask 

6. Suganda Neem Green Tea Plant Mask

7. Fuschia Verve Face Mask

8. Votre Purifying Deep Cleansing And Clearing Masque

9. Lotus Colorkick Kajal

10. The Body Shop Tea Tree Skin Clearing Toner

14. Neemli Naturals Coffee & Cocoa Body Wrap

17. Catrice Eyeliner

18. Innisfree Tea Tree Sheet Mask

19. Lotus Spahh Wild Rose Shower Gel

20. Inatur Herbals Sandal Scrub

21. Natural Bath & Body Grapefruit and Vitamin C Face Masque

22. Codage Masque Hydratant

23. O3+ Milk Scrub

27. Everyuth Naturals Hydro-Active Walnut Apricot Scrub

28. Avon AeroVolume Mascara

30. Kara Nail Polish Remover Wipes


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