MAC Whirl, Have Your Cake, Dangerous, and Russian Red

Apr 6, 2017

MAC Whirl, Have Your Cake, Dangerous, and Russian Red Lipstick Review
MAC Whirl, Have Your Cake, Dangerous, and Russian Red Lipstick Review

What do you do when MAC hikes the lipstick price by almost 50%? You stop caring about them. I deleted my 'Mac Wishlist' and crossed it off my mind. Then, one day you find yourself at Kuala Lumpur airport with 10 hours layover. While husband decides to sleep, I decided to explore. Right at that point, my sweet friend, Rini, informed that MAC is priced really cheap there. I made a beeline to the store only to find that everything is in stock, but by then I had already used up my 10 hours time. With very less time in hand, I had no time to Google - 'Best MAC Shades for Indian Skin.' Zero time in hand. Zero shade names in my mind. I randomly picked my choices. They had to be of the matte formula to be on the safer side. FYI The only non-matte permanent lipstick I own is Mocha (satin)

Price: Rs 1500 in India. RM 70 (Around Rs 1000) in Malaysia. See the huge difference? 

Fragrance: Vanilla

Whirl: Warm brown with dusty rose tones. It appears pinker on fairer skin and nude on darker. The color applies smoothly and is very pigmented. It is semi-matte. I got this shade because of Colourpop Bumble. I had got it just a month before my trip. I liked the color, but the formula was a fail (which I realized later that was entirely my mistake. More on that here - 3 Colourpop Ultra Matte). The SA also suggested me Stone. I wore it at the store but skipped buying because I don't see myself it wearing often. Whirl, on the other hand, is my favorite and is often worn. This also inspired more purchases from Nykaa. Nykaa Taupe Thrill is very similar to Whirl.

Have Your Cake: How funky in that name? When I looked at the bullet, I thought it would be the sister of Flat Out Fabulous. But, this is pinker and has blue undertones. Love the color and the formula. Highly pigmented, easy to apply, pure matte, last long and comfortable to wear.

Dangerous: Warm orange. I had high hopes from this as oranges are always my weakness. Sadly, it is not creamy and very hard to apply. It is not even properly pigmented so, does not gives the pop of color as one may expect.

Russian Red: Universally flattering red or as I like to say - glossy edition of Ruby Woo. Ruby Woo still is my choice over this because I love the powder matte formula over this lustrous modern matte. If you find Ruby Woo tough to wear or too dry, then you should try this. It is intensely pigmented and does the job in just one swipe. But, I also found a cheaper dupe of Russian Red in my stash - Revlon Retro Red. In fact, Revlon Retro Red is even more pigmented than MAC Russian Red.

Overall: Even though I picked in a hurry, I am happy with the choices I made. Ok, maybe not Dangerous. MAC matte formula is my favorite and is the only formula I love from MAC. Maybe I need to discover something soon. The only thing that holds me back from buying more of MAC is the insane price. There are several brands with products of the same quality and even better at a lower price. Also, MAC not cruelty-free. 

BTW My favorite is Ruby Woo. My first one is almost over, and I already have a backup. 🙈 I must mention - Whirl, Flat Out Fabulous, and Relentlessly Red. 

Which is your favourite MAC lipstick? 


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