The Herb Boutique Lemon Coconut Scrub

Mar 27, 2017

The Herb Boutique Lemon Coconut Body Polish Review
The Herb Boutique Lemon Coconut Body Polish Review

This entire March, I had no travel plans. So, as I was in Kolkata, I tried to make the most of it. I used as many bath products as frequently as possible. Scrubs were on top of the list because that winter tan has to go! 😕

The Herb Boutique is a brand which creates bath and body products with unique blends and natural ingredients. You can see my entire haul here.

The Herb Boutique Pleasant Coco-Lemon is a powdered sugar scrub in coconut oil and almond oil with lemon essential oil, Vitamin E, and lemon zest.

Price: Rs 999

Packaging: Glass tub and comes with a spatula. Not very happy with the packaging. Even when it was kept upright with the lid closed, the oil seeped out of it and damaged the label.

Texture: Powdered sugar in oil. The oil has a tendency to separate. So, it has to be mixed before use. Even when I mixed, I found when it was about to get over that some of the sugar has gone solid at the bottom.

Fragrance: Lime. Very refreshing.

Efficacy: It is a mild exfoliator. The mix works better on wet skin while on dry skin it just crumbles and drops (Wastage!). But, when used on wet skin, the fine sugar melts instantly giving very low amount of exfoliation. It does not even buffs skin properly. I thought maybe I need more or need to use it other way but I end up using the entire tub to get the most of it. But, I didn't.

Overall: I appreciate that The Herb Boutique made a simple and natural bath product. But, it needed improvement, I think it could have worked better if the sugar was more granular. Also, just like their Snowflake Body Oil, they need to work on that packaging.


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