My Envy Box March 2017 // Is it for You?

Mar 16, 2017

My Envy Box March 2017
My Envy Box March 2017

Presenting - The Envy Box March. Without a doubt this is one big loaded box. There are six products ranging from makeup to skincare to hair to perfume to even Tea! The question here is - Are the products perfect for you?

So, here is what came in the box

  • All Good Scents Perfume Vials X 2: I have used perfumes from All Good Scents and they are good. The recently introduced two new perfumes - Rose and Jasmine and I am happy to see both in my bag. I though they are single note scents but they are not. It has several notes but nothing too complex or strong.

  • Gardner Street Tea - Glow - Three Sachets, Rs 70: This is green tea with hibiscus and marigold. Now, I do not drink tea so, I will shamelessly use this in some DIY facemask. (Like when I did when I got some in an airplane)

  • Neemli Coffee and Cocoa Body Wrap (75 gm, Full Size, Rs 550): I was hoping this will be like SkinYoga Coffee Body Scrub one which for the record I love. This is a fine powder. The cocoa is not very intense. You do smell the coffee when you used it. Not a big fan. I think I will try it on the face. What do you suggest?

  • Eyova Hair Oil (50ml, Full Size, Rs 590): I am scared to use it. Why? It has egg oil. What!!? I haven't even opened the bottle yet. Totally confused about this. Ever used anything like this?

  • Wikka Beauty Potion (15gm, Full Size, Rs 700): Gel texture loaded with the fragrance of Patchauli. The ingredients list is missing and also the scent is intense enough to be used as perfume. I need to find a way to use it.

  • Essence Lip Liner (1gm, Full Size, Rs 129): As I have always said - My Envy Box has become my dealer for Essence Cosmetics because I cannot find them otherwise in stores. I was looking forward to this one. I got the shade Red Blush. Not a very flattering color.

My Envy Box March 2017

Overall: I love the intention of the box. They incluced every type of products. The price of the products is more than the price of the box. But, t he 'tailor-made' part is missing here. I am sure some people would love to have these products but I do not see myself using it.


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