Innisfree Customizable Foundation (Water Fit Cushion N23 SPF 34 PA++)

Mar 23, 2017

Innisfree Water Fit Cushion Foundation India Review
Innisfree Water Fit Cushion Foundation Review

I am not the person who owns many foundations. You buy the right one - exact shade and correct formula. And that is all! 

I can never bring myself to buy multiples whereas I can gladly have many lipsticks that look almost the same on lips. 

So, getting a new foundation is totally out of the question as I love the one I have - The Body Shop Fresh Nude

But, then I saw The Face Shop Cushion foundation at Bali. I had never seen something like before. I had to purchase those, but there was nothing to match my shade. So, I made a point to buy one in future. Months later when I was denied entry to the Mumbai Airport to because I reached early (was coming from another town!), I went to a mall where I saw these. You must have seen the huge haul I did that day from Innisfree.

Innisfree Yellow Polka Dots Customizable Case
Innisfree Yellow Polka Dots Customizable Case
Innisfree Cushion Foundation with SPF 34 PA ++
Innisfree Cushion Foundation with SPF 34 PA ++

What is cushion foundation? In layman terms, it is a sponge soaked in with foundation encased in a flip case. You dab the puff on the cushion, a little bit of foundation is transferred to the puff. Now, dab the puff on your face for a smooth blurred skin look. Cushion foundation is generally not heavy coverage ones. 

Why is cushion foundation better? I like the idea that you get the smooth finish of liquid foundation without the need to carry a fluid bottle which might spill and a big brush to go with it. Unlike cream foundations, there is not hassle in blending. In one small case, you get everything. 

What makes the Innisfree start apart is the fact that it is customizable. You have to buy three things - 
  • Foundation Refill (₹ 900) - Innisfree has two formulas - Long Wear Cover and Water Fit. I wanted to get the Long Wear Cover, but that was too trying. Whereas the Water Fit one gave me a glowy skin. Plus, it has a cooling effect. My obvious choice was Water Fit.
  • Cushion Case (₹ 600) - There are printed as well as solid colors. I choose the Yellow with White Polka dots. I also liked the Red and Blue one and Green Polka one.
  • Air Magic Puff (₹ 150) - No choice for this one 😆

Innisfree Water Fit Cushion N23 Makeup Foundation
Innisfree Water Fit Cushion N23 Makeup Foundation

When I started using it, I did struggle a lit bit. After trial and error, I discovered that instead of wearing it directly, it is better to wear a moisturizer under it. I prefer few drops of The Body Shop Vit E Emulsion or Junaili Apricot Oil or any other light face oil. The foundation sets in quickly. There is not need to powder on top. Once sets, it stays all day. I have not noticed it melting or breakouts because of this. I hope it holds like this when the humidity soars high. *Touch wood* I do not have blemishes to cover nor do I need to hide dark circles. So, usually, I do not even bother about a foundation and stick with eyeliner, brow pencil, and lipstick. But, these days, I use this Innisfree Water Fit Cushion every time I step out because it gives me a glowy skin with blurred effect. I am also using it regularly because I am curious to know how long these will last. Seriously? How much can that little cushion hold? 😏

Bonus: It also has SPF 34 and PA++

Now the most important question - Shades. I choose N23. At that point, this was the darkest color available. Now, I can see that instead of the two/three shades I choose from, there are six options now. So, I believe you will find a match. *fingers crossed*

Innisfree Water Fit Cushion N23 Makeup Refill
Innisfree Water Fit Cushion N23 Makeup Refill
Innisfree Cushion Foundation Case Price in India
Innisfree Cushion Foundation Case Price in India
Innisfree Cushion Foundation Water Fit N23
Innisfree Cushion Foundation Water Fit N23

Overall: I highly recommend the Innisfree Water Fit Cushion. If you have very oily skin, you can try the Long Wear formula. But, remember that even the water fit formula needs a moisture for smoother application as they set quickly. Also, they are not for coverage of blemishes or spots. It does hide them a little bit but nothing major. For me it works - the illusion of perfect skin). 

Also, it is also the best choice available in Indian market for cushion foundation.

There are other brands which retail cushion foundation in India
1. The Body Shop (₹ 2,695): Two shades, very light shades, almost no coverage. There is a plastic mesh on top of the cushion which defies the sole purpose of the foundation soaked cushion.
2. Maybelline (₹ 1200): Love the formula, but the cases are not customizable.

Did I miss anything? Let me know 


PS: I wore it even when I went for the Pinkathon Event to meet Milind Soman. You must have already seen it on Instagram

Lips: Colourpop Ouiji, Glow on Skin - Innisfree Water Fit and Milind Soman 😜

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