ColourPop Cosmetics Bumble, Mars, and Ouiji ULTRA MATTE LIP Review

Mar 17, 2017

Colourpop Ultra Matte Lip Review India
Colourpop Ultra Matte Lip Review India

How important is first impression? While it does matter to me personally. Now, over the years I have learned about second changes and bless my heart that I do. 

When I first used these ColourPop Ultra Matte Lip colors, I started to wonder how come anyone like them? They crumble, they fall, and as long as they stick to my lips, I am unable to move my lips properly. 

Recently, I found that I was using more than needed. #Facepalm

These are like highly pigmented lip paints. You only need a thin coat and after they set, you can drink, eat, and if needed fight a war. You might win or lose the war but the lip color won't leave you. 😊 Two of the colors are too bright but, one of them has become my everyday favorite. I love it so much that yesterday evening I had a panic attack when I could not find it. I had to recollect all I did the previous day to hunt the lip color. FYI found it in one handbag that I didn't even take out with me!

Price: $ 6

Availability: Till last year, it was a challenge to get hold of them. I asked my friend to get these from the USA ( Read USA Haul). But, they have now started shipping to India. Yeah! Free shipping is at $50.

Colourpop Bumble Mars Ouiji Swatch Indian Asian Skin
Colourpop Bumble Mars Ouiji Swatch Indian Asian Skin

  • ColourPop Ouiji: A warm coral which bright and neon-ish. Not my absolute favorite because it was not what I expected it to. But, I love to wear it nevertheless. 😊
  • ColourPop Bumble: My favorite. This is the one that gave me a panic attack yesterday. A warm brown which brightens my skin tone (or maybe its the love for the color speaking). I have nothing like this. The only color that is closest to this in my collection is Mac Smoked Almond and even that is an entirely different color. Plus, that one is not matte.
  • ColourPop Mars: My current favorite fuschia - it is on the darkest side but not dull. 

Colourpop Bumble Mars Ouiji Ultra Matte Lip
Colourpop Bumble Mars Ouiji Ultra Matte Lip Review

Overall: Buy them! Buy them by all means. If matte colors are your poison then you need them in your stash. I am already thinking about placing my next order - maybe a red, more nudes, and some vamp colors as well. Don't forget to pick Bumble. That one is the cheaper and better dupe of several high-end lip colors.


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