12 The Body Shop MATTE LIP LIQUID Swatch, First Impressions, Recommendations

Mar 19, 2017

Boom!!! - The actual sounds of the blast that happened in my mind when I saw the price of the new matte lip liquid from The Body Shop. When I got to know that they are finally here, I jumped to their website to check the price. Rs 695 it said. Cannot to be. Even Colorbar sells matte lip colors at Rs 900. Did they skip a 1 in front of that 6? Am I hallucinating?

NO. They are seriously priced at Rs 695. Also, they are bigger than the usual sizes. For example, Colorbar is 6.5ml, but these are 8ml!

So, here are the swatches of all 12 The Body Shop Matte Lip Liquid for you.

I took the picture in the store and also outside. They are not 100% true because I applied them mindlessly. Only halfway, I realized that I should take a picture to share with you. 😘

The Body Shop Matte Lip Liquid Swatch Indian Skin
The Body Shop Matte Lip Liquid Swatch Indian Skin (Artificial Lights)
The Body Shop Matte Lip Liquid Swatch Indian Skin
The Body Shop Matte Lip Liquid Swatch Indian Skin (Natural Light)

  1. Crete Carnation 030
  2. Taipei Orchid 020
  3. Nairobi Camellia 034
  4. Windsor Rose 032
  5. Cali Gerbera 010
  6. Paris Peony 022
  7. Tokyo Lotus 024
  8. Goa Magnolia 026
  9. Sydney Amaryllis 014
  10. Tahiti Hibiscus 016
  11. Mauritius Dahlia 017
  12. Sicily Iris 019

First impressions: They are not proper matte. Nothing that dries down completely and stays there. They formula and texture reminds me of the NYX Soft Matte Lip Creams. But, they do set and there is no glossy nor satin finish. I wore Goa Magnolia 026 during lunch, and it survived it (I wasn't expecting it to!) There were some fading around the inner side, but that was smooth - no crumbles or anything. So, far so good. But, I will test it more to come to a conclusion. And one more thing - not transfer resistent. So, if you blot your lips, the color will come off.

The shades I recommend: The darker two colors Mauritius Dahlia 017 and Sicily Iris 019 are not as smooth as they should be for a dark color.I even tried Sicily Iris at the store, but I could not work with it. Maybe the tester was not perfect or the fact that I used a brush instead of the wand. The lighter colors are not very pigmented. Along with Goa Magnolia 026, I also picked on from the lighter range -  Nairobi Camellia 04 (to be tested). I will recommend the pinks - Paris Peony 022, Tokyo Lotus, and Goa Magnolia 026 as I found them more pigmented but not as clumpy as the dark colors. Also, the Goa Magnolia passed the first food test. 

Have your tried these? Picked anything? What do you think about them?


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