Junaili APRICOT FACE OIL Cold Pressed Pure Himalayan Facial Oil

Feb 1, 2017

Junaili Cold Pressed Pure Himalayan Budget Apricot Oil Review
Junaili Cold Pressed Pure Himalayan Apricot Oil Review

Right after I did the post on my 2016 Favorites, I realized that even though I love to use face oils during the day, I don’t have an economical and available-in-India answer to that. My favorites are either 

So, the first thing I needed was to work on this issue - to find a Made-In-India face oil which works and is economical. When I returned home after three weeks of travel, I found a package containing Junaili Face Oil. (I already talked about the brand Junaili when I shared my love for their inexpensive and insanely effective Apricot Kernel Body Scrub.)

It checks all the boxes. Now, I had to make it work as a face oil for the day. But can Apricot oil be used during the day on the face?

Apricot Kernel Cold Pressed Face Oil
Apricot Kernel Cold Pressed Face Oil

Texture: I tested it on the back of my hand and fund it to be on the heavier side. My heart sank with that. Luckily, within seconds I found that the oil has vanished leaving behind a velvety feel.

Usage: On my face, I started to use 2 drops during day and 3 during night. I just need to tap, and the oil sinks right in. These days I using neither toners (because my pores look good) nor face mists (forgot to pack, have only a tiny one for emergency). As I do not have face mists, I use it right after I wash my face when my skin is still moist. [Face Oil Tip: always use face oils on damp skin – you will need less, the oil will seal in moisture better, and will be absorbed quickly.]

Packaging: Glass bottle with glass dropper. It sounds very non-travel-friendly. But, I am traveling with it.

Price: Rs 400 for 30ml. Yes. Super cheap (BTW Khandige Kumkumadi still wears the most economical face oil crown  selling 50ml kumkumadi at Rs 375)

Efficacy: Junaili Apricot Face Oil gives a nice velvety feel to the skin. My skin faced zero issues. It calms my skin as well. The oil is soothing and healing. I didn’t get any acne or skin concerns. Not even during those days of the month. I should give this facial oil extra credits because it worked when I am changing cities every four-five days, eating only junk and outside food, skipping fruits and other nutritional foods, and sleeping erratically.

I cannot comment if this will work on marks or not because I don’t have any to check. I did have a mark on my forehead (threading disaster) which is completely gone. If you have marks/blemishes, then do check Kumkumadi oils. But, those can be used only during the night.

I comfortably used it during the day. Don’t know how it will fair during summer. Keeping my fingers crossed.

Ingredients: What does it contain? Cold-pressed Apricot Kernel Oil, Geranium Leaf Essential Oil. (Crafted from Himalayan botanicals at 7000 feet). Apricot Kernal Oil is rich in Omega 6 and 9 which is not only anti-aging but also prevents acne by balancing the lipids on the skin surface (Possibly, the reason I am not facing acne). Geranium, on the other hand, is applauded for its soothing and healing capability. Just two ingredients and such a great product.

Hand Crafted Himalyan Cold Pressed Apricot Kernel Face Oil India
Hand Crafted Himalayan Cold Pressed Apricot Kernel Face Oil India
Cold Pressed Apricot Kernel Oil and Geranium Leaf Essential Oil
Cold Pressed Apricot Kernel Oil and Geranium Leaf Essential Oil
Junaili Apricot Face Oil Review India
Junaili Apricot Face Oil Review India

Overall: We just completed one month of 2017, but I can assure that Junaili Apricot Face Oil will feature in my 2017 favorites. I always review a skincare product only after using it for at least three weeks but I have been using it for two weeks only. I am so impressed that I could not wait. (I will use it for another week as well and update the post in case I find anything new)

Can I tell you a secret? I like the aroma this apricot and geranium blend more than Life-Flo.


PS: When I went to Nagpur last weekend, I used the Himalaya Damage Control Shampoo (SLS/SLES free but has ALS), my hair got tangled and frizzy. I used this to tame my hair. Just two drops of this did the magic. It didn’t even weigh down my hair! Can I be any more impressed? I don’t think that even the brand knows what a gem they have created! I am sure no one in their team tried it on their hair.

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