Feb 14, 2017

Happy Anti Valentines Day Card by Alicia Souza
Happy Anti Valentines Day Card by Alicia Souza

When I saw this card made by Alicia Souza, I had to get it. Am I really anti-valentines day? Well, no. I am bothered by the consumerism around it.

Valentine’s Day amuses me. It is not that I hate the day or anything. Please go ahead. Loved your better half and shower them with joy. Just like you do the other 364 days. 

Remember not to fall for peer pressure. Just because someone else gifted their spouse 100 roses, you don’t have to compete and gift 100 daisies. 

Instead, compete with your better half. Try to outdo your better half. It will only try to bring more love to your relationship. 

Spend more quality time. It does not always have to be the rooftop restaurant. Good memories are formed at dhabas along the highways as well.

Plan something special but my all means never forget the end goal – is it to make that special someone happy. If you are nagging your better half to take a leave because you plan to kiss them on a hot air balloon up in the sky, then it will not bring any joy. Years later maybe you will only remember the fight you had instead of the kiss. 

Don’t compare your story with others. I know couples who post pictures every day but are living a sad life. Others, who are hardly ever seen together on social media are living the most romantic and adventurous life.


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