The Year That Was 2016

Jan 1, 2017

Happy New Year! 

2016 was not a good year. The whole internet is filled with those 'start of 2016 Vs end of 2016 ' memes. Many things didn't work the way we expected, and more things went worse than we could have dreamt. I was a little bit skeptical about posting this yesterday. I wanted the year to die before this post went live. 😉

But, I just wanted to recollect all the good things that happened in 2016.

  • Sayed Yes to new. In general, I try to think a lot before taking a new step, but from the beginning of the year, I tried to say yes to new. The most impactful one was when my office inquired if I wanted to work in Ahmedabad and I said yes in one second. That decision came as a boon because I got to travel a lot for the same reason.
  • Traveled. ✈ I went to several places for the first time in my life like Daman, Silvassa, Rishikesh, Ahmedabad, Nagpur, Bhopal, Sachi, Surat. I even discovered more areas in cities I have already visited like Colaba and Fort in Mumbai and Majnu Ka Tilla in Delhi. I ventured out a lot on my own as well. I even revisited Essel World and Water Kingdom on Christmas Eve (first time was in 2000!). 
  • Tried adventure sport. 84 meters bungee jumping, 1 km flying fox, and 26 km river rafting all in one weekend. Another memorable one was to hike up a volcano in Bali in the moonlight. It was tough to say the very least. I had just recovered, and my body was not helping me climb up 1700 meters. I have already done scuba diving in Andamans and were short of time so, skipped that in Bali.
  • Planned and executed an international trip. Bali will always be more special because not only it was my first international trip but also the one I planned with little or no help. With a body recovering from jaundice, I planned the stay at Bali and tried the best I could to create a memorable trip in very short time. 
  • Controlled my shopping. Instead of always running after new launches and new products, I controlled by shopping urges. My motivation was - "Instead of paying Rs 1000 for this lipstick for which my love will most probably die down in a month or so, I can spend it on things that will create a beautiful memory - good food on the beach or handcraft item from an exotic location."  I spend that money on travel. I shopped majorly only when I got the best deals (I went berserk at MAC at Malaysia Aiport) or when I was aware that I could not get them again like Bipha Ayurveda or Local brands of Bali or Innisfree.
  • Used more natural skincare. This is a long battle, and I am fighting for long. There aren't many options. Luckily, I found more brands this year which strive to give the best. I will do another post with this.
  • Tasted new cuisines. Cuisines that I had no idea about. I loved them so much that I felt that my life was a waste for not trying them before. Here are my top choices 
    • Malwani - Thanks to Ila. I got goosebumps when I heard what goes into Sol Kadi. Imagine what happens when I drink it. 
    • Andhra  - Thanks to hubby who took me to Andhra Bawan in Delhi. The taste still lingers on my tongue.
    • Irani/Parsi - Thanks to Rini. 
    • Indonesian  - So much variety, just one plate.
  • Unions and Reunions: Reunited with my loveliest school friends after eleven years. Met another dear friend after almost six years. Met several bloggers - some planned and some unplanned. Met Khusboo who invited me to her home when I missed my train. Met another reader - Rini - at the most unexpected place possible. It was the best birthday gift ever. She is now my friend for life. 😊

As you can see, most things are travel related. 🙊 I am sure that I am missing several things, so I will add them whenever I recall them.

What did you love in 2016? 🙌


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