Lakme Absolute Illuminating Foundation

Dec 11, 2016

Lakme Absolute Illuminating Foundation Review
Lakme Absolute Illuminating Foundation Review

A couple of weeks back my cousin got married to his long-time girlfriend. Now, she is not someone who is into makeup, but she has good skin. I was not here to entire time as I was traveling so, the discussions related to wedding makeup went our my head. One the very next day of her wedding, she told me that she was getting rashes on her skin. The reason of those was without a hint of doubt the makeup she had on her wedding. While I tried to calm down her rashes with The Body Shop 3 in 1, she canceled on her makeup artist for the wedding reception that was supposed on the next day. On her reception, I used an oil-free moisturizer and just a thin layer of this - no primer - and the makeup neither flaked nor bulged. Everyone appreciated that she looks far better on her reception than her wedding. No, I didn't experiment on her. I tried it on myself on her wedding day and was amazed my the results. During this wedding season, I am thankful to the Lakme Absolute Illuminating Foundation.

Price: Rs 750

Ingredients: Not mentioned

Packaging: Push-up pump glass bottle with plastic cap.

Shades: Four variants. Ivory Glow, Natural Flare, Beige Glimmer, Honey Beam

Texture: Runny gel-type liquid. Sets into semi-matte with micro golden shimmer.

Coverage: Low.

My Experience: One any given days, I would have kept a distance from a foundation even with a hint of shimmer. I even tried it on for the whole face, but instead of adding radiance, it gave me a baked-up look. Not good at all. Then, I tried it as a highlighter, and I loved it. On the wedding day, I used The Body Shop Fresh Nude Foundation. Then, used this as an over highlighter. It stayed on for the whole night. I loved the effect. I used it also on reception day as well.

Lakme Absolute Illuminating Foundation
Wearing Lakme Absolute Illuminating Foundation

Lakme Absolute Illuminating Foundation

Overall: Lakme Illuminating Foundation is not a foundation in the traditional sense. More like a tinted highlighter. Also, it is not a product that can cover blemishes or dark circles. I think this is a good product marketed in the wrong category. If I have to grade it as a foundation, then I would mark it low - low coverage and less number of shade variants. But, like a tinted highlighter, I am pleasantly surprised with the results. I would have appreciated if the ingredients list was present. Also, thankful that the price of the products if not too high.


PS: I used The Body Shop Tea Tree 3 in 1 to calm down her skin because I was not sure how her skin will take pure tea tree oil. The mask seemed like the perfect way to heal. The rashes were gone overnight. I could not use Sudocream as we didn't hand time in hand.

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