Doolally Taproom [Bring your pet, Stay all day]

Dec 27, 2016

Doolally Taproom
Doolally Taproom, Bandra

A couple of months back one of my foodie friends moved to Mumbai (The who lived in Chandigarh). He took my husband to Doolally, and he was fascinated by the place. So, my husband had to take me there when we met in Mumbai this weekend. He was sure that I would love it because that foodie friend and I share the same taste. I was not at all interested because we had a flight to catch in four hours and you learn to be a pessimist when you get stuck in Mumbai traffic for 2.5 hours.

He went to Andheri one but took me to Reclamation, Bandra because he wanted to me to visit Linking Road as well. I tell you, he can be one hell of an optimist at times. But, I did manage to visit Linking for half an hour. Husband 1. Wife 0.

The taproom offers artisanal brews crafted at the brewery. If you are looking for something particular, do check with them before going.

Does the name 'Doolally' strike you as odd for a pub? Here is the back story. Deolali was a British camp which was also the set of a British sitcom. Thus, takes the birth of the slang noun 'doolally tap', loosely meaning "camp fever," and referring to the apparent madness of men waiting for ships back to Britain after finishing their tour of duty. By the 1940s this had been widely shortened to just "doolally," an adjective meaning "mad (insane)" or "eccentric."  [It was written on their door, and I also referred Wiki]

British Brewery India
British Brewery in India

My first order was Mango Cider. I never had it before. The girls on the table beside us were excited that it is available so, I ordered it. Turned out to be the best drink I had this year. I did something that I never do. I called for a repeat - the same drink. My husband could not believe it and continued - "Don't you wish to try something new."

Mango Cider
Left: Mango Cider

Next up was the House Fries that comes with five dips - Thecha Mayo, Pineapple-Chili Salsa, Cilantro Vinaigrette, Herbed Cheese and Black Pepper Aioli. We were already full with malvani food we had at Powai, but I still ate it. Well, we could not finish it. 

House Fries with 5 Dips at Doolally Taproom
House Fries with 5 Dips at Doolally Taproom

Their menu is not exhaustive but whatever they have is a mix of various cuisine, so you get something of your choice. Do remember that the portion size is humongous and the rates on cards are the final charges. 

What makes Doolally Taproom unique? 
  • They allow pets. So, even if you don't have one to play with there will others who would love it when you play when theirs. But, ask for permission first. 

Pet Friendly Restaurant in Bandra West - Doolally Taproom Reclamation
Pet-Friendly Restaurant in Bandra West - Doolally Taproom Reclamation 

  • The enormous portion size, a menu with variety - Bhutani to Korean to even Bengali and Marathi - you get something to nibble the entire day. 

Doolally Taproom Burgers
Doolally Taproom Burgers - This is from the table beside ours. It looked tempting, but I was full so, couldn't order. Asked them if it was okay to click their food and they agreed on :D

  • The taps have various drinks to offer with varying tart, zing, and smokiness. The tables com with mobile charging points.
  • There are board games (which for some reason is mentioned as 'Bored Games' there) to play if you come in a group.
  • And of course, you have WiFi if you are alone and wish to browse.

 Highly recommended. Also, the lane has several other places to eat (Especially Candies).


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