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Dec 28, 2016

South Africa Beauty, Makeup, and Skincare Haul
South Africa Beauty, Makeup, and Skincare Haul Featuring Local Brands of South Africa

I recently got the chance to try some beauty products from South Africa. My husband had a fortnight trip and being a dedicated blogger I am (yes, the joke is on me), I sent him a list of brands that are made in South Africa. I wanted to try products that are made there and also few products that are not avialble in India. I told him to randomly pick whatever catches his fancy (except for few things).  What he got for me surprised me 😊

Shopping Beauty and Skincare Brands Made in South Africa
Beauty, Makeup, and Skincare Shopping Haul Featuring Brands Made in South Africa and Others

  • have blown Sisters (Small bottles on top left corner) (~ Rs 245): They are a brand which creates facial coconut oil with essential oil blends. They are made in South Africa and cruelty-free. They have fours options. Here I have Lavender & Rosemary Anti-ageing Facial Oil and Orange & Orange Blossom Anti-ageing Facial Oil. 
  • Sorbet (Blue and Orange Tube on the left side): Sorbet is like Bath & Body Words with various shower gels, moisturizers, body mist and they also have nail paints. They do offer nice gift bags as well. Here I have Sorbet Balancing Body Wash and Sorbet Hydrating Body Wash (loving it). I also have the five travel body mist set (not in picture). 
  • MAC Lipsticks (4 in the middle):  Because I might never buy MAC from India. They are cheaper abroad. Three of them are the new Liptensity ones, and one of them is a repurchase from Retro formula. I mentioned the shades I needed 😉 The Liptensity ones were for around Rs 1450 compared to Rs 1650 in India and retro matte is Rs 1175 compared to Rs 1500 here in India. I found the best deal at Malaysia Aiport for MAC cosmetics. 
  • Garnier Micellar Water (~ Rs 400): Because I have heard so much about it. I wish they had smaller bottles and I could have got other variants as well especially the new Oil-Infused one.
  • Lipidol Cleansing Body Oil: Lipidol is the brand of my dream. They make skincare products in oil formula which is not usually found like sunscreen, body wash. Thanks to Nishu for introducing me to this brand. She got me the Lipidol Sunscreen from New Zealand. But, Lipidol is made in South Africa.
  • African Extracts Rooibos: I was not aware of this brands, but hubby spotted it at a supermarket and called me. I picked two products - Toner and the 3 in 1 Wash, Scrub, and Mask (at that time, I was impressed by The Body Shop Tea Tree one so, I wanted to try something from another brand. I have still blown away with the TBS one.)
  • Magazines: Cosmopolitan and True Love - December edition. Most of the other booklets were inside True Love. There was also a Lux shower gel free with it. 

Hotel Amenities, Toiletries and Consumable from Sheraton
Hotel Amenities, Toiletries, and Consumable from Sheraton and Legend

Some hotel amenities because he knows that I am a sucker for these. Because 
  • They are cute. 
  • You cannot buy them. 
  • Most hotels do a lot of R&D for their toiletries (like Taj), and they are of best quality. 
  • They are souvenirs for which you do not have to pay. 😜
  • They anyways throw them away. 

Some random treats and bites which survived for the picture
Some random treats and bites which survived for the pictures :D
ape Town, South Africa Souvenir Fridge Magnet with Animals and Birds
Cape Town, South Africa Souvenir Fridge Magnet with Animals and Birds
Doha Qatar Souvenir Sheik Sheikha Biwi Cups and Keychains
Doha Qatar Souvenir Sheik Sheikha Biwi Cups and Keychains

He had a layover at Doha. He took the idea of 'joke gifts' to another level with these Shiek Sheikha Cups and Keychains. I could not stop laughing when I saw them. Their Swag Level is over 9000.

Let me know if you wish to see the review of anything mentioned here.


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