The Classic Comeback: Style the Vintage Handbag Like A Pro

Nov 29, 2016

The Vintage Handbags are the ultimate comeback from the last century, a classic fashion statement that’ll be distinctively yours, for not many can put up with its age-old charms.

So while you go opting for that classic vintage piece of yours, keep in mind a few of these style hacks to pull off that vintage appeal!

Accessorizing the right way 

While sporting a Vintage ladies bag can be a tricky affair, accessorizing it right can totally amp up your look. Opt for a statement accessory that compliments the style & tone of your bag, probably even match up with the embellishments, maybe jewelry or scarves, a pair of sunglasses to go & so much more, balancing the art of doing it right. Not only will it look subtly purposeful, but it'll also be the perfect blend of vintage & modern – top to toe.

Blend in Right

You would want the handbag to naturally blend in with your whole outfit than stand out abruptly & look out of place. So while you would have to draw your attention elsewhere, you can co-ordinate & mix & match with dresses, trousers, skirts & the likes, in sync with the color & tones of your bag. So try & avoid the contrast & blend in subtly to do it right.

Go Vintage all the way!

So while you’re doing it one way, why not go all the way?! Style up your vintage handbag to go with your vintage look, look through your classic, timeless pieces, mix & match – be it with dress styles, vintage color tones & prints & probably even throw in those stylish footwears & go effortlessly with all the age-old charm.

Round up the Casual

To give it that casual, on the look for everyday wear, you can opt for bold contrast pairings for the ensemble; probably go sporty or the more sophisticated urban way. One can go about basic color pairings in sync with your bag, modernize the casual chic by adding on accessories & probably layer up if you want – distressed denim, sporty footwear, classy crop tops or the sheer fabrics, some plush textures & sync & experiment with an assortment of shades & styles.

Dos & Don’ts
  • Make sure you make out the fakes from the originals while you opt for high-end designer labels, by checking their serial numbers or other markers of authenticity.
  • Keep in mind the fabric of the bags – be it leather, velvet, vintage lace, etc., it is essential to keep up the maintenance, for they are mostly exquisite & delicate fabrics that need special care. So invest carefully in the one you can maintain & deal with a little bit of wear.
  • Give it up a little research before you go bag hunting, for there’s a wide range of styles & embellishments available to choose from, so you’d have to coordinate them with the rest of your outfit& invest carefully into what you need.
  • Compare & contrast well before you choose.
  • Vintage handbags are known for their refined class, ranging from over a century of styles & trends to choose from. Not only do they add that age-old charm to your attire but bring out the individuality & distinctiveness of your style. Much in vogue, with celebrities sporting these vintage pieces, they are an excellent choice to make your unique fashion statement. When you are going to shop handbags at online, you have to keep things in your mind. So while your handbag makes up for an essential accessory, something that you probably cannot leave your home without, one need to play dirty but well for rocking these vintage styles as more and more women are turning to these classic styles these days!

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