Innisfree Haul from Mumbai

Nov 14, 2016

After a certain chain of events, I found myself right out the Innisfree store at 10 in the morning. I stopped and stayed there. Why? Because I saw the ad of cushion foundation though the net shutter of the store. I stayed there because I wanted cushion foundation for long. I found The Face Shop ones in Bali, but none of them were of my skin color. But, I had hope that things were going to change at Innisfree in India.

So, after waiting for an hour, I found them opening the store. I made a beeline to the cushion foundation section. To my surprise, they offered customizable cases! Could things have gone any better? Yes. They were offering two free hand creams on the purchase of cushion foundation. 

And the best thing - I found my shade in the formula I wanted.

Keeping my fingers crossed that it works for me.

Innisfree Haul Mumbai, India
Innisfree Haul Mumbai, India

Here is the list of all I got

For the Cushion Foundation
  • Water Fit Cushion N23 (Rs 900) - There is another formula which has better coverage but drying. The Water Fit has a cooling effect.
  • Cushion Case (Rs 600) - I picked the yellow case with white polka dots. It felt more 'vintage.'
  • Air Magic Puff (Rs 150)

Other things:
  • The Green Tea Seed Oil 30ml (Rs 2550)
  • Body Cleansers in Jasmine, Peach, Daphne, Gardenia, Wild Berry, and Cotton (Rs 20 each)
  • Volcanic Blackhead 3 Step Sheet (Rs 200)
  • Volcanic Nose Pack (6 Sheets) (Rs 250)

Innisfree Free Gifts with Purchase
Innisfree Free Gifts with Purchase

But, the best part about Innisfree haul are the amazing freebies. So, here is what I got
  • Innisfree 'Travel to Jeju' Case: Free with the purchase of Rs 4000. I love the design. Also, there is a partition. The case didn't come empty. It contained -
    • Aloe Sheet Mask
    • Cucumber Sheet Mask
    • Tea Tree Sheet Mask
    • Green Tea Cleansing Foam
    • Green Tea Balancing Lotion
    • Aloe Revival Soothing Gel
    • Green Tea Balancing Skin
  • Two Hand Creams that were free with the Cushion Foundation. I picked Peach and Hydrangea Hand Cream. I already love the Rose and Gardenia that they have. But, I do not like the new packaging. The older ones were better and fancier.
  • Eco Safety No Sebum Sunblock SPF 35 PA+++ (2 tubes)
  • Green Tea Seed Serum and Green Tea Seed Cream (7 sachets) 

Innisfree Travel to Jeju Aqua Blue Travel Bag Pouch
Innisfree Travel to Jeju Aqua Blue Travel Pouch

Innisfree Travel to Jeju Aqua Blue Travel Bag Pouch
Innisfree Travel to Jeju Aqua Blue Travel Bag Pouch

Innisfree The Green Tea Seed Oil
Innisfree The Green Tea Seed Oil 

The splurge here was on The Green Tea Seed Oil. The ingredients list seems promising. I hope it works for me.

Have you used any of these? Liked them? Hated them? Anything that caught your attention?

Oh and yes, I must tell you this. I was getting bored at the Airport so, I took this pictures at the there. That is the airport floor. :D And speaking of Mumbai Airport, how I could I miss Theobroma? So, I picked few of these goodies for my Mom. I will always remember the day I saw Cursaw Baug at Colaba.

Theobroma Cake in a Jar and Cookies
Theobroma Cake in a Jar and Cookies


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