Empties: The Hotel Edition

Nov 12, 2016

Empties: Hotel Edition

I am guilty of not doing empties post as much as I should have. But, I have been travelling way too much this year. I am away from home and living in hotels for about three months in a row now. Thankfully, tomorrow I will be going back to Kolkata. While I pulled out thing to pack, I discovered all these things that I finished during this time. This is not the exhaustive list, but you will get the idea. I discovered something new and fell in love with things that were there forever.

Empties: Hotel Edition

  • Palmers Cocoa Butter Shower Gel, Cocoa Butter, and Coconut Shampoo: Picked these from the Kuala Lumpur Airport along with the Coconut conditioner. The conditioner is far from getting over. What is the deal with conditioner? Why they don't get over with the shampoo? Well, I hardly use that so, ...

  • Apple Cider Vinegar: Why I do not need conditioner? Because I use ACV rinse. Mix ACV and water in around 1:4 ratio in a cut and rinse your hair after shampoo. It adds shine, increase volume, helps in controlling frizziness, calms down scalp...all without weighing down hair - something you appreciate when you do not have as much hair as you used it. But, hair fall is not a concern anymore.

  • Japakusum Scalp Tonic: Why isn't hair fall anymore my concern? Because I discovered this magical potion. Read my battle with hair fall and how this one helped here.

  • Dabur Badam Tail: As I was out of Palmers Cocoa Butter, I needed something to moisturise. Last week, I went to the store and picked a moisturiser with a lot of analysis to avoid the ones with mineral oil. But, then I felt that I should go for pure oils. Luckily found this small bottle of pure Almond Oil.

  • Everyuth Scrub: I think I got it because of some 'change' issue at the medicine store. 
  • Biotique Bio Apricot Moisturising Body Wash: Picked this sample it from a hotel in Daman. Yes, I have a problem linked with hotel amenities. I find it tough to leave them behind in the hotel. 
  • Forest Essentials Aloe Vera and Neem Shampoo, Conditioner, and Bath & Shower Gel: This special variant of Forest Essentials is available only at Taj Hotels. I loved the gentle, soothing fragrance. The shampoo is better than the I one FE shampoo I have tried. Most brands maintain a higher standard for hotel products compared to the retail ones. Obviously, the standard depends on the hotel as well. Had I picked the Biotique from The Royal Plaza Delhi, not only it would have come in a fancier packaging but all in color free formula. And this my friend is the reason why I love hotel toiletries. Confessed my addiction here.

  • Votre Lip Scrub: Arrived in FabBag. Not very exfoliating but it is gentle. I used it for face as I had no other scrub :P

Empties: Hotel Edition

I still cannot believe that I finished a 50ml almond oil bottle in a week! Yes, I love using oil. So, I cannot wait to go back home and use all the body oils there and the other products that I am missing here. But, I dread for tomorrow as I have to spend the entire day in Mumbai Airport :(


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