Colorbar Blackness - The Perfect Matte Black Nail Polish?

Oct 25, 2016

Colorbar Blackness - The Perfect Black Nail Polish?
Colorbar Blackness - The Perfect Matte Black Nail Polish?

A few days back, one of my colleagues wore this matte black nail polish to the office, and I could not stop staring. When was the time I wore black nail polish? Has it been years? Oh wait, it was in March when I borrowed it from a friend because I had to wear something on my nails and she only had black. But, isn’t black too Gothic for office? So, how is this looking so fresh? And then, I realized it was MATTE.

The matte nail polish craze has come and went away seasons ago, and black nail polish craze is a story from another age. Then, how is this pleasing me to no limits?

I cannot answer all that, but I had to try it and so, I placed my online of Colorbar Blackness (along with more matte nail paints and nail polishes which are yet to reach my place)

Price: Rs 300

Color: Perfect black – the darkest black in spite of being matte - as black as activated charcoal powder. No undertones or other colors.

Formula: This is the not my first nail polish from Colorbar Matte Nail Lacquer. I have tried another one – Colorbar Sweet Lilac – showed the swatch in the haul post. But, this is different. It is very thin. Needs three coat to reach the pure black color.

Stay: As the nail polish needs to be coated in layers, the stay depends on how you wear it. The first time, I wore a thin first layer and applied the second layer in a thick stroke even before the first layer could dry. As a result, the nail polish peeled off from my pinky fingernail. I was surprised because Sweet Lilac stayed on my nails for almost ten days! So, I took it all off (And yes, it does not stain nails in spite of being a dark color) and applied again with three thin layers allowing proper time gap in between. Now, it is going strong even after three days. 

But, I do not like the fact that the matte effect wears off around the nail edges and makes them look shiny in a day. 

Matte Black Nail Polish in India
Colorbar Matte Nail Lacquer Swatch

Overall: I am glad that I made the purchase. There are other shades available in Colorbar Matte Nail Lacquer range, but from the two I own, it seems that formula varies with colors. Do check out the ‘Sweet Lilac’ polish. For now, I am wearing ‘Blackness’ on my fingers as well as toes. :D


PS: I am sorry for not doing nail swatches and nail arts like I used to do. I think I will start that again soon :) Let me know if you have any requests.

PPS: Do you know what I need now? Some silver rings to go with this.

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