My Envy Box September 2016

Sep 22, 2016

My Envy Box September 2016

How much I love this month's My Envy Box? Oh...let me tell you this. Around ten days back everyone started receiving the box, and I could not get over the idea of how pretty it looked. It reached my home (Kolkata), and I had to pester my mom to sent to my hotel address here in Vapi. (She also sent me something else - an electronic device - but I will share more on that later.)

Finally, after travelling all the way - from east to west - and I got to opened it yesterday. Ahh, the box is beyond cute. I always appreciate when they work on it. In the last few months, the graphics were just not making the cut, but this is great. All it is missing is a little handle, and you can call your suitcase where you keep your happy memories to take you to a magical land. Too cheesy? I guessed so. But, you have to agree that the stamps are also very thoughtful.

Bon Voyage

Now, let's talk about the products.

My Envy Box - Ma Earth Botanicals, Kronocare, Truuth Beauty Formula, Cal Mascara, Lip Gloss
My Envy Box - Ma Earth Botanicals, Kronocare, Truuth Beauty Formula, Cal Mascara, Lip Gloss

  • Ma Earth Botanicals Rose Facial Scrub (Rs 275 for 40gm, Deluxe size): I forgot to bring a scrub here with me, and I was not ready to buy new because there are many waiting in my home to be loved. I had no intention of adding more clutter. This scrub came as a rescue. I opened the jar and found a nutty aroma. True to my guess, it is made of almond (along with oats, lactic acid, rose petals, tuberose and germanium essentials oils). I am happy to receive it because Ma Earth Botanicals was one brand that many readers suggested me to try, and I could not get my hands on it. I used it twice, and I liked how gentle and effective it is. I wish it was not this heavily fragranced (I know if is natural but it could have toned down on the essential oils).
  • CAL Detail Me Mascara (Rs 450 for 12ml, Full Size): A new brand that My Envy Box introduced. I used it, and I love it - lengthening mascara, zero clumps, zero flakes, medium hold, easy to use wand, and gives a natural look. Go for it if you are looking for an everyday mascara.
  • CAL Muah Collection Stay On Lip Gloss in Mist (Rs 450 for 10ml, Full Size): Not a gloss person so, cannot comment much. But, I can say that it is neither sticky nor feels heavy which is good. Hope they had sent me a darker color which I would have loved to sport. I am going to use it an eyeshadow (too chunky for highlighter).
  • Kronokare City Detox Face Wash (Rs 125 for 30ml, Deluxe Size): SLS and SLES free products are always welcome. It is made of coconut oil derived surfactant with peppermint, grapefruit, and lavender essentials oil. It is gentle, but it cleans well. Yesterday, I used the CAL gloss as an highlighter (and as mentioned above it was a total fail. Yes, I do not write anything unless I have experimented with it) and this face wash removed that as well. So, I have to give it some brownie points for removing those chunky sparkles from my face.
  • Truuth - Beauty Formula Tablets (Rs 400 for 30 pills): On any given day, I would have thrown it away, but the doctor has advised me to take multivitamins if possible. My body is still in recovery mode, and I am surviving on hotel foods. So, I guess I should take it. So far I was taking Vit E capsules. I need to check if I can take these them.

The note inside the box mentions that it contains another product, but I think my Mom forgot to pack it. BTW, she denies the whole thing. I guess I can know the truth only when I go back home.

Ma Earth Botanicals, Kronocare, Truuth Beauty Formula, Cal Mascara, Lip Gloss
Ma Earth Botanicals, Kronocare, Truuth Beauty Formula, Cal Mascara, Lip Gloss

Overall: My Envy Box September 2016 is a mix of makeup, skincare, and nutrition. There are brands which I wanted to try, and there are things that I needed. On top of that, thoughtful packaging. My Envy Box have left no scope for me to complain. If I have to say one thing then it will be - I would have been happier to receive a darker shade for the gloss. 

For Rs 850, I received products worth Rs 1700, and this is excluding the 6th product that might or might not have reached me. All in all, it is a good month in terms of quality, quantity, variety, and size.

Have you got your My Envy Box this month? What did you liked (or disliked?...really?)


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