Do's and Don'ts of Flying by AirAsia

Sep 13, 2016

Do's and Don'ts of Flying by AirAsia
Do's and Don'ts of Flying by AirAsia 

I wanted to do a post on AirAsia because I personally had few questions in my mind. Unfortunately, I was not able to get answers to my queries online. So, I was mentally documenting this post from the very beginning. I hope this helps someone who has an equally confused mind like mine. 

Why AirAsia?
  •  The sole reason I said no to the comfort of better airlines and booked AirAsia is the price. In my opinion, it is okay to splurge at times on travel, but I like to spend more on shopping. Yes, all money saved on flight tickets went into my Duty-Free Shopping and on Bali's Local Brands :P 
  • But, I will never suggest AirAsia for long haul flights. That can turn disastrous. 

Lowest Price Airlines in South-East Asia: 

  • Offers are going on all the time. Plan accordingly and you can book flights almost at 50% rate that other websites are offering. 
  • Whenever they are starting new routes, the airfare becomes dirt cheap. Be flexible. Try to travel to new places which might have never come to your mind. You might end up discovering a perfect place. Once my colleagues got flight tickets to Bangkok for Rs 5000! Not kidding. 
  • Be prepared to travel via Kuala Lumpur which might increase your travel time. Be aware of your layover time. Because of some misunderstanding, while booking, we had 12 hours layover! Twelve!! 
Watermelon Watch
My Watermelon Watch with me while we take off from Denpasar Aiport, Bali

Booking Travel Tickets: 
  • The price is always less than other airlines. Hence, most of the travel websites either do not show AirAsia options. Book from AirAsia website. 
  • Keep an eye on the ever changing offers. If a current offer is ending, do not panic and quickly book tickets. At times, the prices get low, and the offers get more profitable as the dates of travel approach. I discovered this when I had monitored the prices for few destinations for almost a month. 
  • Under no circumstance, wait till the very end. You do not want to pay too much for your holiday vacation. Or worse, cancel your trip because things went out of budget :(

Additional Charges: 
  • The flight is priced cheap for a reason. They only take the airfare. You need to pay extra for baggage, seat selection, meals, etc. 
  • The Good thing is that AirAsia does not hide anything from you. When you book the flight tickets, they offer the various options and different combinations. You can choose anything for those available that suits your requirement.

  • You cannot pay for plastic and get gold. You pay for plastic, and you get plastic. The flight attendants were rude to the point of being snobbish, not very polite, and definitely not interested in helping. I do not think I saw them just thrice. Once for the safety instruction (because that is mandatory by law!), when they came for the food cart, and after a very long time, they came to clear our tables. 
  • There is in-flight Wifi but the prices are exorbitant, and we didn't require it. So, there was not point in paying for that.
  • There are no in-flight entertainment systems. Even Air India have in-flight entertainment (and a good selection) for flights between Kolkata and Delhi! I have read that for the flights from Australia, provide a handheld device. But, won't that be uncomfortable? I like to snuggle in a comfortable sweater during my trip. Holding a device continuously for hours is definitely against my liking. If not, I would have got movies on my phone or tablet.

Emergency Seats at AirAsia
Emergency Seats at AirAsia - more space and legroom

  • AirAsia X operates for longer distances and even have flat beds. 
  • In AirAsia, the seats are average in the economy. The leg space is non-existent. For me, it was not an issue to bother about. For my husband who is 5'9'', it was tough. We thought of buying the seats for the return flights, but all those thoughts skipped our mind. For the return flights, we got our boarding pass issues late, and hence, we got the emergency exit seats - reclinable and a lot of leg room. So, if you are not willing to pay more then get your boarding pass late. 
  • Don't be the last ones to get your boarding pass if you are traveling with someone. You do not wish to get separated from your group. 
  • At times several airlines overbook. Just because you have a ticket does not ensure that you will get a seat. So, yes, don't go too late.
  • If you do web check-in, you cannot choose your seats as they are automatically assigned. We decided to get it at the Airport and requested them for window and middle seat. Worked for three of our flights. But, in one flight, we got two aisle seats :(
  • And one small thing that I noticed, there is no row 13 in AirAsia flights. Superstitious much?

AirAsia Economy Seats
AirAsia Economy Seats

Currency: For me, AisAsia is just AirAsia. Wrong. The divisions are separated by countries. The flight between Kuala Lumpur and Kolkata is AirAsia Malaysia. The flights between Denpasar and Kuala Lumpur is AirAsia Indonesia. Why should you know about this and how does it concern you? Because the meals and in-flight services are priced in the base currency only. If you are paying by any other currency, then the flight attendants use a conversion rate which pleases them, add a huge commission, do not give you a receipt, and if this was not enough, they return the remaining balance in their base currency. What will you do with Indonesian Rupaiyaa when you had just exchanged all your remaining currency to the currency of your choice? Check your flight code to know under which country are they operating. Take your money for in-flight expenses accordingly.

AirAsia Indonesia
AirAsia Indonesia

  • Pre-book or keep exact money in the currency they are expecting. Check the flight number and depending upon the code you can download the menu from their website. That will also tell you the money they expect. 
  • How is the food? Average. At least they have hot meals options. (Are you listening, Indigo?)
  • There are hot meals options for favorite food of the Southeast Asia region.

I know this post is quite different from what I usually post. But, as few of you liked my travel blabbers, I thought, why not. This is also a document that will help me in future :) Also if you wish to know about something or share something that I have missed then, please let me know. I will add that here.


PS: I will add pictures of the food, etc. but those are in another memory card, and I forgot to bring it with me here.

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  1. No airline is perfect look at indigo policy for rechargable battery which is not in sync with airport security policy. Where easily in socket you can carry it in luggage.As long as carriers will ve monopoly customers will suffer.


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