Day Out Shopping at Colaba Causeway, Mumbai

Aug 16, 2016

Colaba Causeway, Mumbai

On SaturdayI reached Mumbai around lunch time. Weather God was showering his blessing with a breezy but sun lit sky. With hungry creatures growling in my belly, I had to decide where to go. I was staying in Mumbai Central. But, I had no idea that I was close to the best part of the city. I called my friend, Rini for suggestions. She recommended Colaba. She also added – "Do not miss the Cafes. Do go to Theobrama." As I have never been there and the food options sounded good, I went to explore.

With no high expectations in my mind, I booked a cab. I was luckily to see marine drive and also the Aquarium where I went for the first time when I was in 8th standard. It was the first time I saw Sea anemone. It was my window to the beautiful creatures which lives underwater.

Leopold Cafe and Bar, Colaba, Mumbai

As I was on my way, I searched and found that Leopold is around the same place. How could I miss on that? I went inside and declared to the waiter - "This is my first time. Suggest me your best"

"Leopold Special Pasta"

"Bring it on"

And it was heavenly.

Look at that clock!

Yummy desserts on the window but none for me. The pasta was too much me and as it was tasty I stuffed myself as much as I could. I still have to leave food behind.

Fancy watches. I could not help but pick one.

More options with bracelet bands

Junk fashion jewelry in Colaba needs a special mention

Do mind that these are not the best. I went on weekend so, the best ones were way too crowded

There are many things to choose from.

There are silver jewelry shops as well

This or that. Something old. Something new.

Soaking in the Sunshine

Cusrow Baug! I just loved the building while passing by it. Later, I discovered more about it and I am touched

How could I miss a visit Theobroma?

Yum Yum

I picked Cookies and Chocolates. The illustrations on the packing is cute. The cookies were all crubled as I had packed then the wrong way. They were super yummy with melt in mouth chocolate chips.

Look...Cusrow Baug!!!

Buys from Colaba Causeway - Rose Gold Slippers for Rs 300, Watermelon Watch for Rs 250,  Brass Engraved Necklace for Rs 250. You can anything written. (Next time I getting something funky)

Time to leave. See you again

I loved Colaba. Much better than hopping around in malls. There are numerous heritage cafes and building just like Park Street in Kolkata. But, there are also shops from where you can buy accessories and not nicks nacks like Lajpat Nagar! Not the best place for buying cloths if you are looking for something like Sarojini (which you get at Hill Road or Linking Road in Mumbai). But, I saw some good shops which sells cloths targetting tourists like the ones you see in Connaught Place, Delhi. I got the best of both world there. Plus, the romantic weather just made it better. 


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