Cheap and Effective Organic Kumkumadi Herbal Face Oil

Aug 19, 2016

Budget Cheapest and Effective Kumkumadi Herbal Face Oil
Budget/Cheapest Kumkumadi Thailam by Khandige

I might sound like a broken record but I love face oils, and I cannot live without them. As you know, I am always trying to get my hands on different and new options to cater to everyone's needs. A month back, I purchased this on the shelf of Rainbow Organics (my favorite organic store in Kolkata). 

What is unique about this Khandige Kumkumadi Taila? We know that good facial oils are expensive, and the brands are always hiking the price. But, this 50ml bottle costs just Rs 375. You might think that it just a simple oil with no special ingredients. But, do the let the simple packaging deceive you. Not only is Khandige Herbal Beauty Oil free of artificial flavors, free of chemical preservatives, free of pesticides; the ingredients are certified organic.

Too good to be true? Even I thought so. That is the reason I didn't purchase it when I saw for the first time around 5-6 months back. But, this time, I got it with me. I brought it along as I was travelling for office work to a place near Mumbai. 

Herbal Facial Kumkumadi Beauty Oil
Herbal Facial Kumkumadi Beauty Oil
USDA Organic Herbal Face Oil India
Kumkumadi Thailum Ingredients
Kumkumadi Thailum Texture

Texture: Heavy but absorbed quickly easily. As it is cloudy most of the days now, I use it during the day as well at times (just a tiny bit).

Fragrance: Smells less like saffron and more like cow's milk and ghee.

Packaging: Glass bottle with plastic cap and plastic stopper. The glass bottle is tinted to ensure that the oil retains its freshness. There are two holes (one small and another big), the oil comes out smoothly (unlike Bipha). It dispenses the oil drop by drop so, easy to control. There is even a tiny stopper for those two holes so, the whole arrangement is leakproof. I highly appreciate this.

Efficacy: First of all, I must say few things. I am living in a hotel surviving on hotel food aka unhealthy. I am still under recovery and most importantly - I am not carrying any toner with me. So, every night I just wash my face, apply Good Earth rose water and then this face oil. And even in this situation, this showed result from the very first day itself. I wake up with dewy, soft and young-looking skin. Within a week, it helped fade marks. It also helped my forehead area to recover where pimples were sprouting every day in the last month. It helped lighten my skin, added glow which was lost for long and added brightness around the eye area. The results are somehow similar to effects I got from LifeFlo Rosehip Seed Oil I am sure it will show even much better results when used after following proper skincare routine.

Kumkumadi Thailum India
Khandige Organic Herbal Beauty Oil Kumkumadi Thaila
Khandige Organic Herbal Beauty Oil Kumkumadi Thaila

Overall: I love it, and I totally recommend it. As these types of products (natural products manufacturing small companies) are difficult to find, I will pick up backups if I spot it next time in the store. It comes in a huge 50ml bottle (other face oils are generally 10ml, 12ml or 30ml) and it is priced far far less than the other options in the Indian market.

As of now, it is available on Amazon. I also found that there is a 100ml bottle as well which is priced at Rs 735 only. Gosh! I should use it for my body!! Much better than spending money on Forest Essentials Soundarya Body Oil or Kama Ayurveda Nalpamaradi.


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  1. Seems like khandige organics kumkumadi is the best,it has some different ingredients added like galangal which is good for maintaining youthful qualities of skin.So why wait ladies and gents go grab it.


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