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Jul 21, 2016

Last weekend one of my closest friend got married in Delhi. In fact, she is the reason I met my husband. Shhh... I could not miss her wedding. Interesting part? Well, another dearest school friend of mine (met her in March) got married the very previous week in Delhi. (I had to miss it because on that same date cousin's engagement was fixed. Wedding season can be crazy in India.) But, I had to meet her as well.

I wanted to go to Delhi but I was not sure if my health would permit. Anyways, I decided I will go by flight, take as much rest possible, and travel less to make sure that I do not fall sick again. So, I got the tickets booked just two-three weeks back. As she was coming from the US, I decided to ship few things to her so that she could get from there for me. As it was all last minutes and I had no time to think, I only picked what I have been wanting for eons. 

Colourpop Cosmetics: They have got every beauty addict drooling. I wanted to buy everything. Everything. But, as I have never tried their products, I tried to be as restrictive as possible. I shopped for $35 dollar on which I got a $5 discount from a coupon. Colourpop is now shipping to India. They are charging $25 for shipping. This way I had to pay no additional charges for shipping as shipping within the US is free for orders more than $30. BTW, I purchased them long before I got to know that they are starting International shipping. So far, I am happy with the products. I might shop from them again.

Sigma: Owning the Sigmax Precision Kit 5 Brushes was my dream for long. It was even my wishlist on 21st July 2013! I have no idea why I need them but I need them. I think the love for Sigma F80 is the root cause. Now, after three long years, I finally have them. If purchased separately, they cost $95 but the bundle costs $72. As an offer is going on, I paid $50.40 for these. Again, no additional charges for shipping as shipping over $50 is free in the US. I also got a free E56 brush in mini size. As Sigma ships worldwide, I have purchased from Sigma previously as well. You can see my other Sigma brush here - Sigma Eye Brushes and Sigma Foundation Brushes.

Maybelline New York: I was not able to wait anymore and hence, got Maybelline The Blushed N*de and The Rock N*de Eye Palettes. The Blushed N*de is now available in India for Rs 900. I got both of them for around Rs 1130 from a seller on eBay US website who ships only to the US. If you wish to buy for India then, you can check the seller from whom I have purchased US drugstore products earlier. But, there is one difference between the Blushed palette sold in India and the US version. I will update it all in the review post.


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