My Envy Box June 2016

Jun 15, 2016

My Envy Box June 2016

After May’s marvelous box, I had my hopes high for My Envy Box. Today morning, I received it, and I scratched it open with my hands as I had no patience to search for scissors. Yes, that excited. The box is pretty with soft flowers, and the design is all over the package – top, side, bottom, and even inside. 

This June, My Envy Box sent five products. Let’s explore:

My Envy Box June 2016

  • O3+ Aloe Derma Hydrating Gel (Full Size, Rs 385 for 50ml): Since, I have stopped using creams, aloe vera gel have become my friend. I am rationing the use of my favorite Ananda In The Himalayas Aloe Gel. Now, I see something similar – aloe gel with no added color. It does contain perfume. I am not sure how my skin will take it at times of intense irritation. But, seems like a good everyday gel to use.
  • Votre Purifying Deep Cleansing and Clearing Masque (50g Travel Size, Rs 1090 for 100g): It contains ingredients which fight against pimples and gives good skin like Neem, Tea Tree, Cinnamon, Arnica, Rosehip oil, etc. in a base. The Base is not specified, but it seems like Fuller’s Earth.
  • Herra Hair Care Protect Hair Perfume (10ml Sample, Rs 2495 for 50ml): This is new for me. Aren’t we supposed to apply our perfume to ends of hair so that they smell good? I had no idea they made perfumes just for hair. Were you aware? I hope this is not just a marketing tactics to sell normal perfume. Anyways, coming to the fragrance, I do not find it great. It reminds me of an off-the-shelf-generic-perfume. Nothing great to talk about.

If I had to tell what I received in my box, I would have stopped now. But, I need to document everything here. So, will have to mention that I received two more samples as well. Just when I started to think that they have stopped sending tiny samples, I got two of them. Two. 

  • L'Occitane En Provence Divine Cream (2 x 1.5ml sachet)
  • Calvin Klein CK2 (1.2ml vial)

O3+ Aloe Derma Hydrating Gel, Votre Purifying Deep Cleansing and Clearing Masque, Herra Hair Care Protect Hair Perfume
O3+ Aloe Derma Hydrating Gel, Votre Purifying Deep Cleansing and Clearing Masque, Herra Hair Care Protect Hair Perfume

Overall: It is a mixed bag. Maybe I expected too much this month from My Envy Box. The box is a keeper. (Whom am I kidding? I have kept all their boxes. Yes, all 12 of them. This box is my 13th one). But, the products failed to make an impact. O3+ Aloe Gel sounds good, and I am looking forward to it. The Votre Mask is okay (used it once), and the hair perfume is a different thing to try. I can see that the worth of the products for more than the price of the box (Rs 850). But, this one somehow don’t stand up to the impressive editions that My Envy Box created in the last few months.


*Box sent by brand in exchange for my honest review 

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