10 Top Favorite Products from The Body Shop That You Must Try

Jun 9, 2016

Must Buy from The Body Shop

I came to know about The Body Shop in 2008. They were putting up ads all over the glossy magazines, and I was a student drooling over those tempting pages. A person who hardly saves enough to enjoy good food cannot think about those expensive bath products. Can she? Even after I started working, I never entered their shops. Then, one day, I entered the store, and the floodgates opened.  In these last 6-7 years, I have tried almost everything from The Body Shop, which makes for my skin. Some were great, and others were not that much. Few I cannot live without and others, I won't even know if they discontinued.  (At the end of the post, sharing my thought on how to choose products from The Body Shop)

The Body Shop recently celebrated their ten years anniversary in India. Our of my love for The Body Shop, I wanted to share with you,  my top 10 favorites from their stores. Those who are still new to them and wish to splurge, start making notes :P 

(Yes, I tried to make a '10' with the products but there are just 9 products. I have to skip one of them in the picture because I could not make it fit there. My bad)

  • The Body Shop Spa of the World African Ximenia Body Scrub - This is one for the first product that I purchased from them. This one made be believe that The Body Shop is a much bigger brand that one that just make good smelling bath and body products. I love the fragrance, and I love the texture. The Body Shop does other scrubs as well, but I think even they know that this is the best. When they launched the Spa of the World Collection, this was the only product that was picked from their existing range. Also, this is the only product which has been reviewed twice in Sweet And Bitter Blog - once in 2012 and again recently.
  • The Body Shop Rainforest Moisture Shampoo - I have lost count of the number of bottles that I finished. You might have seen it regularly in my empties post. I think, I started using it since it was launched in India (in 2010 probably). I have tried other chemical-free shampoos as well, but something always brings me back to this. Maybe because it is easily available compared to the other brands or maybe I am just addicted to it.
  • The Body Shop Camomile Sumptuous Cleansing Butter - Best. Cleanser. Ever. Luckily, I decided to carry on my one week Ahmedabad trip (which later got extended to almost two months away from home). This is perfect for traveling. Even when I am at home, I reach out to it. I try hard to use the other cleanser to save it as long as possible. But, all that seems quite difficult. 
  • The Body Shop Satsuma Shower Gel - Zesty citrus scent that can bring life into a zombie. This is what I need after a long tiring day or to wake up in the morning (I do not drink coffee or tea so, bath product do the trick for me). I used to go the store, sniff it, and never buy it. Don't ask me why because I shared the story in the review. Finally, I picked it (in 2014) and it got over recently. I was not repurchasing because I was not able to get their huge 750ml pump bottle. I was still hanging on to it because I had the body mist with me. When that got over, I had to restock. Another favorite of mine is the Moringa shower gel and Honeymania Shower Gel. But, Satsuma wins. Why? Because other products have a fragrance similar to Morigna or Honeymania but, there is nothing like Satsuma in the Indian market. Trust me, because I have tried long and short to find a drugstore dupe and I have failed miserably.
  • The Body Shop Fuji Green Tea Soap - While I like shower gel, the soaps from The Body Shop has always attracted me. They have a core line with normal soaps and I have tried the Moringa is that which I loved. But, what got me hooked was their special editions. First, was the Argan Oil Massage Bar. I keep a half used one in my makeup drawer to keep it smelling good, and I keep a backup as well. Then, came the Fuji Green Tea range. The exfoliating soap swept me off the floor. It is a great exfoliating soap with refreshing green tea scent (and it is coming from a person who does not drink tea!) I left it in my in-law's place and was missing it terribly. It is that good. There is another exfoliating soap in the British Rose range.

The Body Shop Bath Gloves

  • The Body Shop Bath Gloves - The pair I own are about 4-5 years old. They are still work perfectly fine, helps in lathering and exfoliates like a champion. Good that I do not use them everyday, and I clean them now and then. I do not know if one is supposed to keep them this long but it works, and it is clean. One hell of an investment I tell you.
  • The Body Shop Nail Block - Speaking of The Body Shop accessories, there is another one I cannot skip talking about. The nail block is a hero, and I guess this my third one. I have tried other brands as well, but nothing comes even close (not even Crabtree and Evelyn). One nail block lasts for a couple of years so, you have another great investment here.
  • The Body Shop Tea Tree Oil  - The Body Shop has recently started introducing oils and serum, but there is something that has been with us for a long time - Tea Tree. Their Tea Tree Oil is not something that I loved at first, but the results did the talking. As the strength 15%, I do not need to dilute and can either apply directly with a Q-tip or use it with my face pack. It is good for mild to moderate acne.
  • The Body Shop Change Hemp Hand Protector - I do not use creams or lotions and completely depend on oils. But, I have to use hand creams because oils take longer to sink in, and I do not have the patience to be away from my kindle/book/phone/laptop keyboard for long. The first-hand cream I tried from TBS was the Absinthe one. Loved it and still use it. I have also tried the holiday specials but not a big fan. I wanted to try one from their core hand cream range - Wild Rose one but then The Body Shop redesigned the packaging of the remaining two from the core range - Hemp and Almond. I picked Hemp. Now, it is always somewhere around me. Plus, the new packaging is undoubtedly handsome.  
  • The Body Shop Fresh Nude Foundation - This one is new on the list. I will share more in the upcoming review.

After using their products for long, It was not easy to settle on just ten products. Especially when I tried to avoid their iconic body butter, lip balms, and body scrubs - because everyone already know about them. I wanted to show you something else. I took me almost a week to finalize this post.

In fact, I did a similar post way back in 2013, and you can check the post to see how things have changed or not changed :P

Now, coming to how to make a good purchase at The Body Shop:

Rule 1: If you are completely new then look for discounts or look for friends who have the membership card. If the store looks huge and confusing, then start with shower gels. It is easy to build up on that. Gift boxes are a no unless they are on offer.

Rule 2: Take your sweet time to decide. The SAs will help you. Never go there in a hurry. You never know what you may discover, They nail block was one such discovery, and I am still thankful for that. If you feel shy to approach, then read more about their products online. 

Rule 3: Expensive is not always the best. I loved the Vitamin E Serum in Oil but not the Oils of Life.

Rule 4: But, being cheap does not help either. TBS has a huge range of product and some might similar but in reality are not. You might end up buying the cheaper on and miss on a great product. The Vitamin E Aqua Boost Sorbet did nothing for my skin whereas the new Drops of Youth Cream is fascinating. 

Rule 5: If rules confuse you then give me another day as I will be hosting a The Body Shop Giveaway for you!!!

I hope rule 5 brought a smile on your face.

Keep smiling.


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