FabIndia PANCH PUSHP Makeup Remover and Deep Cleansing Oil Review

Jun 20, 2016

FabIndia Panch Pushp Makeup Remover and Deep Cleansing Oil Review
FabIndia Panch Pushp Makeup Remover and Deep Cleansing Oil Review

These days I look forward my visit to FabIndia. They are launching new products which not only affordable but works perfectly and have great ingredients. Next time someone complains that good skin care is expensive, point them to the nearest FabIndia store. 

On one such recent visit, I discovered the Panch Pushp makeup removers. 'Panch-pushp' literally means five flowers. Most brands use Rose, Marigold, Kewda, Mogra and Saffron. My first Panch Pushp product was a face mist from Oilcraft. While I loved the other two Oilcraft Face Mists, I could not tolerate the Panch Pushp one. Later, I tried the travel size of Forest Essentials Panch Pushp Toner. I liked that but not a fan. So, yes, they are not my favorite fragrance. 

But, this Panch Pushp is different. Fabindia uses - Geranium, Camomile, Rose, Lavender. and Jasmine. So, they are lighter and soothing. I can use an entire bath range of this fragrance. Are you listening FabIndia?

(I think the reason I didn't like the previous two was Kewda. I do not like it in food as well)

Now, let's come to the products.

FabIndia Panch Pushp Makeup Remover Review
FabIndia Panch Pushp Makeup Remover Review

FabIndia Panch Push Makeup Remover (Rs 245 for 100ml): Doesn't the packaging look familiar? (Hint: The Body Shop Aloe Cleaner and Himalaya Neem Foaming Face Wash). It dispenses soft white foam like clouds! I am addicted to it. Maybe because I have never used anything that directly dispenses foam :P  

It removes makeup, does not sting eyes and does not dry skin. It has a soothing scent which feels nice but does not linger. It is not a one step cleanser. You have to wash your face with water after use. This can be used as a face wash as well. In fact, I am using it more as a face wash. It cleans without leaving behind a trace of oil without stripping away skin's natural moisture - just like it claims to do. Just to test, I even used it after using another face wash, and it still caused no dryness. Thanks to the glycerin, sorbitol, and the five flower extracts in it. 

I have zero complaints from this and I am utterly impressed by this. What more can you get from a Rs 245 face wash? Yes, you can.

I discovered that it cleans makeup brushes perfectly because it attacks makeup but is gentle on the brush fibers. I do not have to spend any time to lather it up nor dilute. I can directly use the foam. When cleaning many brushes together, that also comes handy as well as a time saver. 

It is SLS and SLES free but contains PEG-7 Glyceryl Cocoate and Cocamidopropyl betaine as the surfactants. Both are coconut oil derived.

FabIndia Panch Pushp Deep Cleansing Oil Review
FabIndia Panch Pushp Deep Cleansing Oil Review

FabIndia Panch Pushp Deep Cleansing Oil (Rs 395 for 100ml): Remember how I went gaga over Forest Essentials Floral Makeup Remover last year? I even had a backup. But, unfortunately, I faced a terrible problem with it. I have updated the issue in the review as well. While I still love cleaning oils, there is no going back to that one. So, it made me happy when I found this.

The oil makeup remover from FabInda has sunflower oil, sesame oil, and soya oil along with the oils of the five flowers mentioned above. It is light, removes makeup, can be used directly or with cotton, does not irritates eye nor does it feels heavy. But, you do need to wash it off with a face wash or water. As you might have guessed, I use the FabIndia Makeup Remover. 

Again, I am impressed, and I cannot see anything bad in this. It has a pump dispenser so, the issue that I found in Forest Essentials can never happen. Also, this comes cheaper than FE makeup remover. So, those planning on buying that can hold their horses and but from FabIndia instead. You can thank me later for saving your money :D

FabIndia Panch Pushp Makeup Remover and Deep Cleansing Oil Ingredients
FabIndia Panch Pushp Makeup Remover and Deep Cleansing Oil Ingredients

Overall: As I mentioned already, I love both of them. I highly recommend getting these, and I cannot choose one though they are for the same purpose. It is the same reason why I reviewed these two products together. 

FabInda is going a wonderful job in creating new skincare products. I hope to see more. Keeping my fingers crossed for a facial serum (or am I asking too much?)


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