Bipha Ayurveda Healing Herbal Bath Ball Soap

Jun 4, 2016

I saw it and I bought it coz you do not discover a spherical herbal soap every day. 

Do you? No, you don't :P

You cannot deny that spending Rs 420 for a soap from a brand is not a splurge. But, the question is - Do I regret picking it up?

Bipha Herbal soap is handmade, natural, and pH balanced. It is free from SLS, silicon, parabens, synthetic colour and fragrances and animal fat.

It has a soothing earthy herbal scent with sandalwood and touch of coconut. The fragrance does transfer to skin and lingers for about half an hour which is good for an herbal soap. Interestingly, though it is staying out on the bathroom shelf without any box, it is still fragrant! And though I using it for almost 2 months now (one and off), I still enjoy the smoothing fragrance.

The soap is smooth to begin with. There are some solid herbs which start exposing as you use it and it is exfoliating. The exfoliation is not very harsh and now that I have used more than half of it, I do not spot them anymore. 

I do fear that it will fall and roll away my fingers one day because it is not ergonomic like rectangular block soap. 

It is hand rolled and then properly cured (for 21 days as the sale assistant told me). It does not melt or get mushy. Earlier, I used it wipe and keep it inside a cup. Now, I just keep it on the shelf after use. So, it is no longer perfectly spherical as it get flat on the side I keep it as the bottom side get bit mushy. But, nothing it worry as the soap stays solid.

Ingrdients: Sandalwood powder, Turmeric, Neem, Tulsi, Sweet Flag, Aloe Vera, Coconut Oil, Ficus Bengalenis, Ficus Racemosa, Ficus Macrophylla, Ficus Religiosa, Red Sandalwood in permitted soap base

Overall: It is a good on time splurge because not all the soaps I try retain their fragrnace till the very end. Plus, the novilty shape was nice try. I might repurchase but not the moment it gets over because Bipha Ayurveda products are not easily available. 


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