Trussardi My Name

May 23, 2016

Trussardi My Name Perfume for Women Review India
Trussardi My Name Perfume for Women Review

While most stick with one fragrance and use it on special occasions, there are some (like me!) who have a handful and one assigned for every occasion. In these years of blogging, I have given away my lipsticks and other makeup products to people who might appreciate it more than me. But, still, I find it tough to part ways with perfume. That clearly explains my love for fragrances. So, I was happy to see a Trussardi perfume because I have never tried any other perfume from this Italian Fashion House.

(I have only tried the sample of Trussardi Donna earlier)

Price: Rs 2800 for 30ml

My Name by Trussardi Review

Fragrance: My Name by Trussardi is a soft, floral, feminine scent. The scent of lilacs smells fresh like as if someone has just stepped out of the shower. Don't expect to get any compliments from this because who compliments someone who might have just taken a bath? It is delicate, non-offensive and suitable even for young girls. It dries down to become sweeter and powdery but not sharp or piercing. In the end, it feels like flowers with vanilla.

Longevity: Don't take its softness as its weakness. It last for good 4-5 hours but the intensity drops down.

Sillage: Moderate.

Packaging: Glass bottle with the logo in gold etched on it. The cap looks like a cocoon! Frankly, it could have been better. It does look like something made in the 70s but does nothing to add value to the perfume. For a delicate fragrance, the bottle comes up as too industrial. If someone is not aware of the brand, the bottle could be easily mistaken for a cheap off-the-shelf perfume. I hope they work on this in future.

Trussardi My Name Perfume Review

Overall: Like the perfume, hate the bottle. What is inside matters the most (doesn't it always?)

I usually go for something bold, head-turning and perfume which makes it presence felt. But, this one steered my perfume game to a different angle. Trussardi My Name is an everyday, daytime, year-round, non-offensive, soft floral, delicate perfume. It is still quite soapy for me at times, but I won't mind wearing it for office or on days I would spend mostly in closed places.


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