Innisfree Jeju Hand Cream || Rose and Gardenia

May 20, 2016

Innisfree Jeju Rose and Gardenia Hand Cream Review
Innisfree Jeju Rose and Jeju Gardenia Hand Cream Review

I am such not a hand cream person nor I am a person who uses much of creams or lotions. Oils are my poison. But, when I discovered these cuties at Innisfree, I could not say no. There is a variety of hand cream there. I was tempted to pick more but I had already filled my cart with Innisfree goodies. Hence, I picked just two of these - Jeju Rose and Jeju Gardenia.

Price: Rs 300 for 30ml

Available at Innisfree stores in NCR.

Packaging: Plastic sleek tube packaging with screw in cap. Thank god for not using a metal tube, but the cap can be smaller for bigger hands. I have to keep it safely. I always fear that I might lose it while squeezing out the tube.

Usage: I use a pea size amount which is more than enough for my hands and wrists.

Texture: Light, non-watery, non-greasy, easy to spread and easy to absorb. You can start using your phone or start using paper right away.

Fragrance: While they are almost the same, what makes them different is their fragrance. On top that, the fragrance lasts for a good 30 minutes and then lingers on for an hour. I am saying this is good because I handled many things in between. But, once, I applied it on my palm and retired for bed, and I could smell it in the morning! In fact, Innisfree themselves recommend using the travel-friendly perfumed hand creams instead of perfumes.
  • Jeju Rose smells like real wild roses. After use, you will feel that you have just played with roses. If you are looking for a rose hand cream then get this. This the reason I didn't pick The Body Shop British Rose hand cream.
  • Jeju Gardenia is pleasantly floral. It instantly reminds me of Lanvin Marry Me. (I actually picked two of these in Delhi. One for me and another for my sister-in-law who likes the fragrance of Lanvin Marry Me). Obviously, I had to check when I returned home. To my delight, not only it is same, Innisfree has a stronger and intense presence than Lanvin Marry Me. Me = Happy.

Innisfree Jeju Hand Cream || Rose and Gardenia

Innisfree Jeju Hand Cream || Rose and Gardenia

Overall: While the texture of the hand cream made me love it, the fragrance made me fall head over heels. Innisfree has a huge range of these. If you reside in Delhi or ever visit Innisfree stores, then do have a look at their hand cream range. There is one for everyone. I am sure you will find something with a fragrance that pleases your nose. I regret not picking up the tangerine hand cream because the Tangerine Blossom Body Mist is not cut out for me.


Innisfree Hand Cream - Jeju Hallabong (amazing citrus which was difficult not to put in cart), Jeju Fig, Jeju Peach, Jeju Tangerine Flower, Jeju Sugar Berry, Jeju Cedar Forest, Jeju Lotus, Jeju Gardenia, Jeju Udo Peanut, Jeju Rose

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