Good Earth Amritam Damask Rosewater Face Toner

May 6, 2016

Good Earth Amritam Damask Rosewater Face Toner Review
Good Earth Amritam Damask  Ruh Gulab Rosewater Face Toner Review

For my love of facial oils, I need rose water. They act a layer between skin and oil and let the oil absorb better without blocking pores or causing acne. I actually need a face mist which can act a mild toner but somehow rose water always tops my list when I need to make a choice. This little darling was on my wish list. When I accidentally bumped into a Good Earth store, I had to pick the Good Earth Amritam Damask Rosewater.

Price: Rs 550 for 120ml. There is also a cost effective 500ml refill bottle. The SA suggested me to get that one. But, as I have never used it before, I stick with the smaller size.

Fragrance: Delicate aqua rose. Feels original and nothing artificial or strong. 100% Love.

Pacaking: Sleek travel friendly leak proof plastic bottle. Comes with a spray that gives the perfect amount of spray. I would have prefered a opaque bottle to make sure that it retains its goodness for long. The refill bottle does not comes with a spray.

Views: While this was an accidental purchase, turns out I needed it more than ever. I loved it as a face mist in the dry weather of Ahmedabad and kept in my bad. Even when I was down with my illness in the last month, this has been my favorite. Jaundice makes your nose highly sensitive to strong and artificial smell. But, this one never left my bedside. It is refreshing as well as moisturising. 

I have used it as a toner before applying facial oil, as a mixing agent for my face mask and a spray over the face masks to make them last long. It worked great every single time. 

Compared to other Rose Water: I found it very similar to Kama Ayurveda Rose Water (Rs 875 for 200ml). It is less fragrant that Oilcraft Naturals Premium Rose Water (Rs 500 for 200ml). Also, far more natural fragrance and better than Forest Essentials Taruni Rose Water (Rs 1095 for 200ml)

Costwise, it is tad costlier (almost same) to Kama Ayurveda but cheaper then FE and obviously higher than Oilcraft. 

Availability: This is one of the biggest issue with Good Earth. Their products are only available at their stores or their own website. 

Good Earth Amritam Damask Rosewater Face Toner Review
Good Earth Amritam Damask Rosewater Face Toner Price
Good Earth Amritam Damask  Rosewater Face Toner Review

Overall: I love this. I can see why people praise about it. I wish I had got the 500ml bottle as well but I could not have guessed that I would love it this much. Maybe next time I visit Delhi. I highly recommned this if you use rose water in daily routine. Better rose water does make a difference in how the other skin care products work for you.

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