Bipha Ayurveda Rukmini Skin Care Pack // Gift Box with 5 Products

May 10, 2016

Bipha Ayurveda Rukmini Skin Care Gift Box with 5 Travel Size Products
Bipha Ayurveda Rukmini Skin Care Gift Box with 5 Travel Size Products Review

Bipha Ayurveda is one of my discovery. I found them at the Ahmedabad Airport (More about Bipha and my haul). Anyhow, I am excited to share about the products because they sound very close to real Ayurveda. Not like those herbal brands who puts one drop of essential oil in a simple chemically loaded formula and start calling to 'Herbal' for tax benefits. Also, they have few unique things that I have never seen before. I could not buy the store, but I did manage to pick a gift box which enabled me to try 5 of their products. This limited edition box is a salute to the paintings of Raja Ravi Verma. There are few boxes like this. I picked the Bipha Ayurveda Rukmini Skin Care Pack because I wanted to try three of the five products. This box was economical than buying the full sizes of the three. Also, this was my first time so; I wanted to play safe.

Price: Rs 1440. All the limited edition boxes are priced the same.

Packaging: The outer box is made of cardboard and similar to the size and dimensions of My Envy Box.  I was introduced to Raja Ravi Verma's paintings when I went to Kerala. I like his style of paintings. In case you wondering, the painting on the box is called 'The Milkmaid'. The bottles were sealed which made them travel-friendly. But, one the seal is off, they can leak or seep which is a kinda breaking deal.

About the products: Here is one thing about Bipha. When they say 'XYZ soap' then be sure that it might not smell like XYZ. It means the product is made from XYZ. As they do not include any fragrance or artificial things, all their products have a soothing herbal aroma. Not that all of them have the same scent. They also make their products gentle.

Bipha Ayurveda  Herbal Face Wash, Bergamot & Lavender Restorative Bath Oil, Herbal Hair Wash, Turmeric Herbal Bar, Snanachuram
Bipha Ayurveda  Herbal Face Wash, Bergamot & Lavender Restorative Bath Oil,
Herbal Hair Wash, Turmeric Herbal Bar, Snanachuram

What are the contents and how they performed?
  • Herbal Face Wash - Low foaming and cleans without drying. But, I do wish they added something to make it more refreshing. When I wash my face with anything that foams, I want to feel refreshed. But, that does not happen with this. It does have a faint scent of Ylang Ylang, but that is almost not noticeable. I think those who are sensitive to fragrance can try this.
  • Bergamot & Lavender Restorative Bath Oil - This is the thickest body oil that I have ever tried. On checking the ingredients, I found that it was majorly castor oil. Little is too much here. I put a coin size on my palms, rub it a bit, dab it all over my legs and arms, and then massage it. Those who have not used castor oil might find it sticky but trust me, it is one of the oils that your skin absorbs easily (but, don't use too much!). It has a strong fragrance (compared to other Bipha products) and smells like lavender with something earthy.
  • Herbal Hair Wash - Wondering what a hair wash is doing in a skincare box? Exactly my question to the sales rep. He explained to me how if you have dirty hair then it can give you acne on forehead and cheekbones. Sound about right because even I have seen that happening. This shampoo is gentler and more moisturising that the Coconut Hair Wash.

Bipha Ayurveda Turmeric Herbal Bar
Bipha Ayurveda Turmeric Herbal Bar

  • Turmeric Herbal Bar - One thing that you are bound to notice if you visit their stores in the impressive variety of soaps they retail. I even wanted to buy the soap gift box which had each of the soap but somehow hold my horses. In fact, this soap is one of the reasons that I picked the Rukmini box. Again, as I mentioned 'Turmeric' soap does not equate to soap that smells like 'Turmeric'. It smells more like sandalwood. The soap foams well, have mild exfoliating herbs embedded in it and cleans without drying. The scent transfer a bit to skin and last for around half an hour. But, I do think that they should have cured the soap more. The top layer of the soap get mushy and then takes a long time to dry. 

Bipha Ayurveda Snanachuram Review
Bipha Ayurveda Snanachuram Review

  • Snanachuram - Another product that I wanted to buy in full size. This is a body scrub. It is 100% natural and made of Fenugreek (Uluva) , Cutch Tree (Karingali) , Vetiver (Ramacham) , Emblic Myrobalani (Nellika), Beleric Myrobalan (Thannika), Nut Grass (Muthanga) , Chebulic Myrobalan (Kadukka),Red Sandalwood (Raktachandanam), Indian Sarsaparilla (Naruneendi). The body scrub comes in a powder form. I take around spoon of this, made a runny paste with water, and apply it in a circular motion to exfoliate. It is gentle and yet does the job. The red sandalwood in it makes it soothing.

Ayurvedic Skincare Gift Box from Bipha Ayurveda

Bipha Ayurveda  Turmeric Herbal Bar, Snanachuram, Herbal Face Wash, Bergamot & Lavender Restorative Bath Oil,  Herbal Hair Wash,
Bipha Ayurveda  Turmeric Herbal Bar, Snanachuram, Herbal Face Wash,
Bergamot & Lavender Restorative Bath Oil,  Herbal Hair Wash Ingredients
Bipha Ravi Verma Gift Pack
The Milkmaid (1904), Raja Ravi Verma

I hope this helps you decide what you need and what you can skip. Availability is an issue but slowly many online websites have started to keep their products. I will review the healing soap next. 

There is also a quick update: I am no longer user the Bipha Kumkumadi. I used it two days but it then someone again scared me that in jaundice you should not use oils :(


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