Bipha Ayurveda Coconut Hair Wash

May 5, 2016

Bipha Ayurveda Coconut Hair Wash Review

I recently showed you my Bipha Ayurveda haul. As the first product that I spotted there was this shampoo, it makes sense to review the Coconut Hair Wash first. I started using it after I got my haircut in Delhi and it is about to get over now.

As I mentioned in the haul post, I highly appreciate their ingredients list. Not only is it complete, they have also mentioned the exact composition down to the percentage!

Price: Rs 550 for 100ml (Expensive!)

Texture: Super thick gel. Better to dilute with water before use.

Fragrance: Nothing like coconut. An earthy soothing herbal fragrance (rosemary and sage?). The fragrance does linger for some time.

Ingredients:  It contains 'Saponified Cocos Nucifera' which is soap made from coconut oil. It is also known as Castile Soap. While it is not the name of the final product but it is better than SLS or SLES. Also, this shampoo made me realize that the amount of the first ingredient is always high (92.4% !).

Use and Effects: It lathers well and cleans properly. My hair does feel fresh after wash. But, it does not clean very dirty scalp. It does clean oil from hair. Also, it is drying when I rinse it off. My hair kind of feel sticky while rinsing (faced it even with Dr Bronner's Castile Soap). I do feel the need of apple cider vinegar or some conditioner. I never used them (as could not find ACV there!) and just wrap my hair in a towel. I detangle my hair after they are dry. I did notice that it kept the fizz in control even though I didn't use any serum (nor conditioners). Later, I started using TBS Polynesian Monoi Oil which made things even better. 

Overall: It is good shampoo and I used for more than a month. In fact, it is about to get over. But, I won't say that it is perfect. When I got back to Kolkata, I switched to my trusted bottle of TBS Rainforest. (I might be repurchasing the FabIndia Herbal Shampoo when both get over.) Considering the price fact and the availability issue, I won't mark this shampoo as a must buy or try at least once product.

But, I will soon be sharing with you the products I picked from Bipha which turned out to be nice.


PS: Have you ever realized that the first content would be this high in the composition of the product? Whereas the essentials oils and some other active ingredients are this low? So, when drugstore brands are saying - 'Enriched with Special Argan Oil' or any other fancy thing, I bet they even have more than 1% of that in the product. Your thoughts? 

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