Keeping Up With The Sunnies

Apr 26, 2016

Come summers and we run to stock up on sunscreen, after-sun soothing lotions and energy drinks to keep us alive in the scorching sun. But, do you know that not wearing sunglasses can give you crow's feet. Since prevention is better than cure, instead of piling up on anti-wrinkle creams, give your eyes some sun protection by using sunglasses. Especially, when you are spoilt for choices at

  • Bigger is Better, Bold is Best - Try bigger frames as they cover not only your eyes but areas surrounding your eyes giving more protection from the sun. They are best for a night owl. Need  to hide the dark circles from last night's party in the morning? Just wear a the bigger frames. They cover most your flaws. Also, when you wear the bolder ones, they attract attention majorly to themselves and you do not have to worry about the rest.

JOHN JACOBS Aventura JJ 1457 White Black Tortoise Silver Reflector Mirror C2 Wayfarer Women's Sunglasses

JOHN JACOBS Aventura JJ 1459 Dark Pink Brown Gradient C1 Wayfarer Women's Sunglasses

  • New season calls for new styles - There is no need to stick with a certain style year after year. Why not try Cat eye this year? Cat eyes are ruling the world fashion scene. 

JOHN JACOBS Aventura JJ 2244 Tortoise Brown Gradient C2 Sunglasses

  • Reflect your style quotient with reflectors - You cannot go wrong with reflectors. Various brands are providing number of choices in terms of colors and shapes these days. 

VINCENT CHASE Popstar VC 5158 Black Blue Reflector Mirror 1120/Q1 Aviator Sunglasses

  • Classics are for ever - Many classic styles are marking its presence in various fashion shows. For example, Browlines are back from 50s. Also, who can deny their love for John Lennon's iconic round sunglasses?

JOHN JACOBS Aventura JJ 1456 Golden Blue Tortoise Silver Reflector Mirror C4 Clubmaster Women's Sunglasses

JOHN JACOBS Stratford JJ 2257 Light Black Wooden Green C6 Clubmaster Sunglasses

JOHN JACOBS Stratford JJ 2261 Golden Brown Wooden Green C2 Sunglasses

What is your favorite sunglasses style?



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