Sarojini Nagar Haul '16

Apr 5, 2016

Top: Jabong, Skirt:Sarojini, Bag: Forever New, Shoes: Ginger, Watch: Fossil
Some of you wished to see what I picked from Sarojini recently. But, most of the things I had were already send to Kolkata. I kept with me things that I could use.

I already did a Sarojini post on what I think one should get. Please read it here and here is what I got

  • Slit skirt with grey and white stripes for Rs 200. The one I am wearing in the picture above is what I got from Sarojini last year. I generally do not buy the same thing in two colors but these are very comfortable so, I decided to break my rule :P
  • I also got 2-3 cotton skirts to wear in summer. One of them is reversible.
  • Another comfortable thing I got is the full length slit skirt. I wore it to Majnu-ka-Tilla.
  • Two sunglasses and one frame for Rs 1000. I should have bargained here but I was in a great mood when I found the floral one.
  • Scarves for Rs 50 each. The pastel watercolor print and the pink tassel with Aztec print is with me now. I got three more but they were just simple ones and I do not have them with me now.
  • T-shirts for Rs 100 each. They are not of perfect fit but, works good as home wear and also when I need to go nearby to run errands. So, far the I have worn the striped ones a lot.
  • More home wear. I believe that in Sarojini they are one of the best things to buy for the price. I got 3 shorts for Rs 100 and 3 full-length pajamas for Rs 150. I also got a knee length dress for Rs 200.

As I do not have the rest with me, I forget what else I got :( 

Maybe you can see them when I wear them the next time :)

Comfy shorts. The Dinosorous one is my favorite. The one with sleepy bears says 'Bearly Awake'. Considering that this is the same animal which sleeps for months, I found it cute and funny.
Scarves for just Rs 50
Tees for Rs 100 each from Sarojini Market, Delhi
They might not look great but they are very comfy
Sunglasses. Best buy from Sarojini. I wear the glasses everywhere with me because I no longer have to worry if I lose them :P


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