Meet My New Bag ~ Hidesign Chione

Apr 26, 2016

I still remember my first Hidesign bag. Way back in 2010, Mr. Boy (now, Mr. Husband) planned a surprise trip to Pondicherry for Christmas. I was way too excited to visit the Hidesign showroom. I went there and picked a red bi-fold wallet. It was love at first sight and I loved it dearly. 

Unfortunately, it was stolen in 2012 but until the last day it was with me, it was good as new. I moved to PU bags after that - fancy styles. I picked a snakeskin print wallet from Nine West after that for a very high price only to be heartbroken by the peeling in four months. In between, I picked many PU bags from various brands (Lavie, Forever New, Forever 21, etc) but, PU bags does not last forever.

Finally, last year I made a decision - no matter how pretty or heart touching a bag looks, I won't buy unless it is made of good quality leather. I am going strong on that pact so far. I am loving the two slings I got from Delhi last year. Later, I picked another one in Kolkata. The one I am loving the most is one bag from Vero Moda. (Sadly, they decided not to do leather bags anymore because they are expensive)

Anyhow, I decided to pick another leather bag this time in Delhi. After all my planning, I settled with Hidesign Chione. I shared the entire story here - How I Met My Namesake.

What made me pick Hidesign Chione?
  • I paid more for the craftsmanship than design. Each bag in Hidesign is handmade by artisans with an average of 17 years of experience. But, there are bags in which the craftsman had to put in more effort. So, they charge not just for the design but for the craftsmanship. As I mentioned, I was also inclined toward another bag but the craftsmanship of this bag is better and more time-taking than others.
  • Marco Punto Stich - This is a dying art and abandoned even in Italy for being too time-consuming. Every stitch embossed by a heated metal foot to make the holes and then stitching is done.
  • Soft leather instead of hard boxy variety so, it is easier to retain the shape
  • Brass fittings that are polished and forged by Hidesign themselves. I love the fittings that hold the sling. Instead of a metal loop, there is a leather flap kind of a thing. (I do not know what it is called technically)
  • Like all Hidesign bags, the leather is not chemically colored but colored using vegetable tanning by used of colors from various seeds and barks available in South India.
  • I found this after I got my bag but I think that I should add the point here. They have recently started the Green Story Campaign. The bag comes with a seed paper which contains few seeds. I just need to put the paper in soil and a plant/tree will grow. I am yet to do it but isn't it interesting?

Price: Rs 5795. 

I could have got a better deal online but I wanted to touch, check and buy. I am picky that way :P

Hidesign Brass Fitting Craftman Handmade Bags
Hidesign Brass Fitting Craftman Handmade Bags
Hidesign Chione Dark Red Leather Bag
Marca Punto Stich Hidesign Chione Dark Red Leather Bag
Hidesign Chione Dark Red Leather Bag
Hidesign Chione Dark Red
Hidesign Chione Dark Red

If you also love handmade leather bags then do let me know which brands you love. I am having my eyes on Fossils now. I wanted to pick Da Milano as well but I am yet to find a design that speaks to me (you know what I mean!).


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