FabBag April 2016 ~ It's a Spring Thing

Apr 25, 2016

FabBag April 2016 It's a Spring Thing
FabBag April 2016 It's a Spring Thing

Thanks for all your good wishes. I am feeling a bit better now. Still a long way to go but at least today I felt energetic enough to sit for fifteen minutes and write a quick post for you guys. I received this month's FabBag long time back but I could not review it back then. (I am actually feeling bad for the number of the posts pending to be published.)

So, here is what arived in the spring themed 
  • Catrice Long Lasting Eye Pencil Waterproof Brown Town Girl (Full size, Rs 330) - This was a product that I choose. I already have it in another shade from last year's My Envy Box July. As I already love Catrice eyeliner, I decided to add the brown one to my stash. I love the quality and moreover, there is no way to access Catrice products so, I am always happy to see them in my beauty boxes.
  • O3+ Skin Whitening Mask (Sample tube, 10gm) - Again a product that is I received in My Envy Box December and my feeling for a 'whitening' product still remains the same. BTW, I must mention that I am loving the O3+ product that arrived in My Envy Box this month.
  • Rene Furterer Karite Intense Nourishing Mask (Sample, 15ml) - I have not used it yet but, I think it will go well with the shampoo that came in this month's Envy Box. (This post has too many My Envy Box references!)
  • SoulTree Aloe & Rose Water with Skin Toning Licorice Cleanser (Sample, 30 ml) - Happy to see a deluxe sample. It is quite runny, has a soothing rose fragrance. I soaked a cotton ball with the cleanser and used it to remove my makeup. It removes light makeup and eyeliner without irritating eyes. I am yet to test it on heavier makeup and mascara. The best part about the product is that it leaves behind no residue. 
  • Style Fiesta Accessory Earring (Accessory, Rs 499) - This month features an accessory - something that we are seeing after a very long time in FabBag. The earring I received is not of great quality and is definitely not worth Rs 499 (you need to shop at Kolkata streets to understand what I mean!) but good to see something new.
  • Freshlook 1 Day Color Lens in Green - Never have I ever tried any contact lens - colored or prescription. My husband is a pro but I am always afriad of putting an alien object inside my eyes. I am okay with glittery eyeshadow but not contact lens. This time to choose this but I still do not see myself putting it on. I guess I do not have the guts for it but, I do want to wear them :(

FabBag is priced at Rs 599 for one month.

FreshLook One Day Lens
Catrice Long Lasting Eye Pencil Waterproof Brown Town Girl
FabBag April 2016 It's a Spring Thing

Overall: I loved that I choose two of the products and also the fact that there was much varierty in the box. There is skincare products, a hair products, makeup and a accessroy as well. Also, the products are worth more than the price of the bag. This month, FabBag did composed a good bag.


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