Delhi Day 6: Makeover at Alaya

Apr 6, 2016

Makeover at Alaya Spalon, Saket, Delhi

With just one day left in Delhi and a travel plan involving a bus journey. I want to keep it slow, I had no plans for the day. But, going to Alaya Spa in Saket for a hair makeover was in my wish list. Just to try my luck, I called them. Luckily, they had a slot opened for 2 in the afternoon. I had my lunch at Karnataka Bhawan. I had no idea what are the name of the dishes but the food was great.

Next stop - Saket. After taking the long and crowded road, my cab reached Saket. I have never come to Community Center of Saket. There are many salons there but I made a beeline to Alaya.

Nothing messes a salon experience like the pushy hairdresser who want you to buy a new shampoo or hairstyling product. Also, I hate it when they force a style on you. 

Luckily, Shyama from Alaya is different. She asked me what I was expecting. I informed her that I wanted to add some volume and layer to my hair. I also wanted to make my fringes side swept but yet able to cover a major part of my forehead and look irregular. 

She added some of her suggestions like she said not to take off much length. I was not taking care of my hair when I was in Ahmedabad and adding a week of no care to hair in Delhi, was making it look dirty and messy. So, I suggested that they should shampoo my hair and add some hair serum to bring it back to life before cutting it. She agreed to all. 

She styled it exactly the way I had in my mind. I cannot thank her enough. I do not recall being this happy from a hair-cut. I shared it on Instagram within minutes of stepping out. LOL.

But, right when I taking the picture, I spotted 'The Coffee Shop' It was in the exact font and style that I saw in when I went to Sikkim. Right then a friend called me as she was nearby we decided to meet. So, I went to The Coffee House as I could not even wait for her arrival to enter the restaurant. :P

We ordered a pizza there. I hate the pizzas sold by most brands and like mine to be thin and prefer wood-baked ones. It was great to see a good pizza after a long time and for the first time in Delhi. We ordered Mango and Blueberry Milkshakes which was also nice.

After this, I went to the metro station. It was bit emotional for me. This exciting week with my loved ones and my dear friends is now over. As I was returning my metro card, the feeling grew stronger on me that there is no way of knowing the next time I will be here in Delhi.


Lunch Thali at Karnataka Bhawan
Alaya Spa + Salon at Community Center, Saket
Shyama working her magic
Happy Me!!
Before and After haircut at Alaya Spalon, Saket
The Coffee Shop at Saket. Also has its branch in Gangtok, Sikkim
Yummy and cheesy Pizza at The Coffee House
Mango and Blueberry Shake
Beautiful Ceiling of Royal Plaza, New Delhi
Tempting. No?
That white chocolate dome!


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