Delhi Day 3: Shopping at Sarojini Nagar Market and The Biggest Bhatura

Mar 26, 2016

Snacking on Rajasthani Ber while shopping at Sarojini Nagar Market

Tuesday was fixed for a shopping trip in Sarojini. I had my list of things to buy from here. After spending lot of time and money there in the last few years, here I what I had in my list to get from Sarojini
  • Simple tops that goes with everything. Think stripes and simple textures. I had no intentions of buying anything fancy which I do not end up wearing. Maybe skirts for summers or a slit tops that everyone is wearing. I end up getting a white skirt and a reversible cotton skirt. I also got a slit top which is super comfortable and I can wear it all day long.
  • Printed scarves that are sold for Rs 50 because they are great. I am also cheap that way. Unless it is handcrafted/embroidered etc. I find it impossible to shell out money on stoles and scarves
  • Sunglasses because I realized that the ones I like in stores are never under Rs 15,000. On top of that, I am afraid to travel around with the Vogue one I have as I have lost and found it three times so far.
  • Pajamas and sleepwear because they are good in quality and yet priced low. Buy from stalls who are selling
Also, Tuesday is perfect for Sarojini and morning time is even better. Sarojini is closed on Monday so, everything is better organized and there are new things on Tuesday.

Another tip – go with a huge bag. Bigger the better. Size does matter. Each shopkeeper will just roll your purchase and put it in a plastic bag. After some time, you will have too many of those tiny flimsy bags. There is a high chance that you will keep them down to check out a cute top and forget it there while during ‘The Act’ 

‘The Act’ is the play that is played a million times in Sarojini. They say Rs 500. You say Rs 100. They say Rs 300. You stick with Rs 100. Then, he swears by his mother and his last 7 generations that he is making the least profit and just for you, he is selling you that top at Rs 200. Also, in this transaction, his profit is just Rs 10. While you know that the mother and the last 7 generations are immune to the ill effects of false words and are not harmed in any way, you comfortably say Rs 100 again and start walking. He calls you, you go back. He is still not at Rs 100. You go back and forth for another few rounds until the price is dropped to Rs 100 or you just spot something better in the adjoining shop.

In this charade, there is no way to know the percentage of his profit but there is an 87% chance that you will forget one of your bag in which you got a cute tangerine dress which you thought you will wear while meeting your school friends. #TrueStory. 

Yes, even after buying a bag and unable to stuff all I got into that poor jute bag, I had some bags in my hand which I left in a store. In fact, I went to eat some Chinese in Flaming Wok just so that I could get a place to sit and fold and put back all I got into the jute bag. Yes, I was that weird lady who opened all her loot and repacked them while stuffing noodles into her face. I must mention that the servers at Flaming Wok always maintain a smiling face – either they are good natured or I amused them to no limits.

When I came back home, I realized that I have forgotten the bags I was holding. Luckily, after some strong thinking #MeditationGameStrong, I was able to think exactly where I left that orange dress. In fact, I had with me the orange inner that I got to go with the orange dress. #Burn Don't worry, this Sarojini fiasco has a sort of better ending (more on that tomorrow).

See my entire haul - Sarojini Nagar Haul

Sunglass and Eyewear from Sarojini. These three for Rs 1000 but I think I should have bargained - cos I didn't. #TooMuchLove
Chinese at Flaming Yok
Chinese at Flaming Yok
Big Chole Bhatura at Punjabi by Nature, Connaught Place, Delhi
Huge Chole Bhatura at Punjabi by Nature, Connaught Place, Delhi

To amuse me, hubby told me that he will show will something that I might like. He knows that I have a thing for new and unique. So, we went for dinner at Punjabi By Nature. They serve the hugest bhatura that I have ever seen in my life. Just look at this picture below! I could not even finish half of it. I also tried Bira Beer for the first time but I am not sure if I like it or not. Have you tried it?



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