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Mar 3, 2016

You know my love for natural products and luckily, I reside in the right country. While the terms 'natural' and 'Ayurveda' are used in drugstore products just to save on taxes (though there are just a drop or two of few natural ingredients), there are many indie brands who strives to bring 100% natural products in the market. Time and again I find brands with resonates with my thought process. Today, I am introducing another such brand - Krya

What is so special about Krya? Krya manufactures plant based powder products (hence, no need for preservatives or paraben). The started with home care products for daily needs like detergents, etc.  Now, they also have products for skin and hair. With recyclable packaging, these have a rustic charm. They used certified organics products that are safe, non-toxic, vegan and biodegradable. As they powdered products, you will also need them in less quantity. Each product have a handful of potent ingredients which at times are changed based on seasons. They are also priced low.

I have used only face cleanser, face mask and scrubs as 100% natural powders like Kama Ayurveda Mridul , Just Herbs Beauty Pack, etc. What is new here are the hair wash and body wash products. How exciting isn't it?

I got them in the middle of last week so, here is a quick first impressions.

  • Krya Herb Face Mask - After Sun - I have used it twice - no irritation - loved it.
  • Krya Clarifying Herb Face Wash Powder - Acne + Blemishes - Yet to use.
  • Krya Zesty Hair Wash Powder - Conditioning (Rs 280 for 100gm) - Used it yesterday. Took two spoonful of the powder and I think I used too much. I have never used soapnuts/reetha like this so, I will consult with my aunt who uses them.
  • Krya Gentle Herb Face Wash Powder - After Sun (RS 300 for 100gm) - Used it once and liked it. 
  • Krya Daily Herb Body Wash Powder - Classic (Rs 450 for 200gm) - As there is no fragrance it was bit odd to use the body wash. Let's see if adding essential oils work. Else, I need to used it like a body pack and scrub.
  • Krya Festive Ubtan - Traditional Bath Powder (Rs 490 for 200gm) - Used it last night and found it great. It is neither loaded with turmeric nor has abrasive particles. I even used it on my face.

As the packaging is not airtight, I have transferred them to bottles. Also, as they are powder product and preservatives free, I cannot keep in damp areas like near wash basin or in bathroom. 

Do let me know what excites you the  most and I will try to review that first.



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