Delhi Day 4: India Gate, Delhi Haat, School Friends, and Pandara Road

Mar 27, 2016

Morning walk to India Gate #ZeroMakeup 

Going to India Gate for a morning stroll or visit the place at midnight had been on my bucket list since 2009 when I got to visit Delhi for the first time. I never though it will be possible because I have lived in either Noida or Gurgaon. But, the night before I realized that maybe this is the only chance I will ever get to go there all alone. So, I woke up early, but the foggy weather made me go out late. I wanted some sunlight for the pictures.

Walking by the poshest roads lined with trees felt great. I walked (not ran) because I had to preserve energy for the whole day. India Gate looks even more beautiful and serene. With almost zero traffic, fewer crowd, nil sellers, and hundreds of pigeons, it is hard to come back. Anyways, I had my whole day planned so, I came back.

First, I went to Saroji to pick the bag I left there. You have read yesterday’s post. Right? If not then read it here and then come back here. I will wait. :)

When I went back to the shoe store where I left it, I found that it was not just one but three bags that I left there. I suddenly had the strong urge to box myself in the head. I earned what I deserved when I slipped and almost fell face first while heading out. Don’t worry, I was not hurt. And by the way, always go to Sarojini as early as possible

A. Everything is neatly arranged because no girl that made a mess by pulling out that perfect green scarf to match her dress yet.

B. Bargain as crazy as you want because shopkeepers are superstitious about the first sale of the day (known as bouni). They make sure that the first customer of the day must buy something. So, they agree with your madness. I got a top for Rs 100 which was for no less than Rs 250. It is a different story that it didn’t fit me. #FacePalm #Burn #BurnolMoment

You have already read the other wisdom that I shared in the previous post. So, let's go ahead.

Next, I went to Delhi Haat. I could not have picked a worse day to visit Delhi haat. The stalls were in change mode, and there was not a single stall completely set up. Have you been to the INA Delhi haat? Now imagine that to be completely empty with just carpenters running around under the instructions from the shopkeepers for the new stalls.

I was sad at the scene but my motive to be here was completely different. I was about to meet two of my dear school friends after ELEVEN years! In school, I was not very open and had just a few people with whom I used to talk. (Tell that teenager me that I write a blog sharing my life then she should have locked herself in a room for a month.) So, when I met them, I broke into tears. They were bit shocked because they always thought I was the strong one - the non-emotional variety.

We talked for 6 hours with Nagaland Momos and Fruit Beers and also, a trip to Select City Walk for Yum Yum Cha. After all that time it felt that it was just yesterday. I always feel that I have changed a lot, but the meeting reminded me that we all were made in our school. We just got polished further during higher studies and while working.

It was intensely emotional for me. In fact, while having dinner (which my caring hubby had beautifully planned at Pandara Road), I got a call from one of these two to inquire if I had reached safely. My phone battery had drained, and they went half way on the opposite side of the metro route to make sure that I have a phone to connect with my husband. As I saw her name on my screen, I started to cry again. Apparently, the onlookers were thinking that my dear husband and I were having a dispute. He cajoled me to stop but here is the thing with strong people – once the dam is broken, you have to face the flood. I was bawling the entire time I was finishing my dinner. For the first time in a long time, I didn’t click a single picture of the food.

When I was feeling better, I tried the Nutty Buddy from Giani’s. It was close to a disaster. Maybe it was stale or something.

The day is over, and we are going back. Even with that disastrous desert, I was sincerely happy and genuinely thankful for everything. Thank you all for being with me. You guys inspire me to go ahead and do so many things that I would never have otherwise.

Thanks, dear, you are awesome.

The camera and the sunlight did this. I just '├žlicked.'
Le Meridien, Delhi
Look! A lady bug!!!
India Gate sure looks better in the morning with the sunlight and pigeons flying around
India Gate doing what it does best - looking awesome.
The Grand Hydrabad House
Must try - Chicken Momos and Fruit Beer at Nagaland, INA Delhi Haat
Look how fresh and juicy they are
My childhood friends. Love these to the moon and back.
Origami decor at Yum Yum Cha, Saket
The drinks have unusual names and work their magic. One of them is called Black Magic with cola, lime, mint and ginger! We enjoyed them Kung Pao Chicken and Soy Garlic Prawns.
Banoffee Shushi was yum

Nutty Buddy, Giani's, Pandara Road

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