Delhi Day 5: How I Met My Namesake

Mar 30, 2016

There is a reason that it took me three days to publish my 5th day in Delhi. I had a jam-packed day with something interesting to share at every minute of the day. Even after pruning, I was left with around 50 images to share. 50 pictures in one post is a total no. Finally, I decided to make it into three posts. This is the main post and there will be two sub-posts. Hope you like it.

I woke up really excited for the day because I was traveling all the way to Gurgaon. For around 2 years, I liked in Noida during which I used to travel (like many other people) to Gurgaon. It seemed like a torture every day. As I reached closer to my office area, the ugly feeling in the bottom of my stomach would grow even stronger and I started my countdown for the minutes left to go back home. 

Today, it was different. For the first time, Gurgaon felt like an intensely beautiful place and I enjoyed my ride there. I wore the long slit top and the sunglasses from Sarojini. LOL.

I went to Ambience Mall Gurgaon to check the new Spa of the World range of The Body Shop. No other new launch from The Body Shop has excited me this much. I recently reviewed the African Ximenia scrub and will review the other products soon. 

I peeped inside Sephora. It is much better and well stocked than the Saket one. Everything looks so neat here. Made me wonder, if I should go to Hidesign as well.

Flashback – On Sunday, when I went to Saket, I went to all the leather shops. I wanted to get a new bag but nothing seemed great. I was fixed on black as I needed something that I can use for a long time to come (already have a brown and tan one). While browsing, a sales assistant from Hidesign showed me a sling bag which was nice but as I was fixed on black, I played no attention to it. As days passed, I realized it was a good choice. On Wednesday, when I went there again for Yum Yum Cha, I decided to buy it but it turned out to be a piece with a slight leather defect. Later, I checked with other stores nearby and no one had it. Now, it was getting difficult to get and hence, I had to have it. I love to own things with great back story *wink*

With much thought, I entered Hidesign. I described the bag to the sales assistant. She recognized the one I wanted to her system was not showing it. She searched her entire storage area just for me but could not find it. I was on the verge of buying another design – De Lucci. But, she explained that I have made a better choice with better workmanship than De Lucci and I should stick with it. I loved this because she really helped me to get something of better quality though she could have pushed me to buy what she had in stock. #ThankYouGurgaonHidesign

My cab was already waiting and I started my journey to Majnu-ka-tilla where someone was already waiting for me – Bharti Puri from Crazy Pop Lock. We have been friends online for about 4 years now but, we have never met. before. Before coming to Delhi, we already fixed on the place and date. We wanted to explore a new place and zeroed it down to Majnu-ka-tilla after our long WhatsApp discusion. After moving though the slow traffic, I reached Majnu-ka-tilla. We met at Kailash Korean Kitchen and later went to Panda CafĂ©. (More on Majnu ka Tilla on another post)

It was great meeting here because there was so many things to talk about. We ate and after that we wanted to check the store. It was late in the afternoon and most stores were closed. We started to discuss if we should call it a day but later we decided to go to Noida. I have heard a lot about the DLF Mall of India when it was being built. I had to go there. We went to the metro station on cycle rickshaw and then went to Noida Sector 18 metro station.

Sector 18, Noida was once my weekend destination. Every weekend I used to visit there. Also, hubby (then Mr. Boy) had his office nearby. I felt as if I know everything but still everything felt new. 

I first decided to go to GIP for check the Hidesign bag. It was there. But, what about De Lucci? Was it seriously not a good choice?

“You have De Lucci?”

“No, but, you can check in Mall of India”

Wow! That will be an even better back story – more elements, more fun. So, Bharti and I went to Mall of India. It is big and a bit confusion – more confusing because the stores are have not yet opened. 

Talking about new stores, I must mention that we say that they have now have Innisfree there. We both stopped and gasped as the people in Innisfree were opening new boxes and putting the fresh products on the new shelves. #Wow

We wanted to sit somewhere so, we decided on Carl’s Jr. I loved the burgers with whole wheat buns and french fries with skin. Also, they refill your drinks. #LovedIt.

During this I found Chumbak store. I even saw the store in Hauz Khas Village but I had not much time left after exploring The Fragrance People store. But, this store seemed bigger and brighter. Have you even been to a Chumbak store? They are fab. (Another post on that later) 

We explored some stores and left my heart at Fossils. The leather bags are simplicity redefined and the quality is also great. But, my Hidesign bag has a good backstory so, I pulled myself out of the store. Next stop – Hidesign in Mall of India but no sign of my bag. Later, we went to Forever21. It is a huge store. But, I found nothing interesting. Bharti and I said our good buys. 

I had to hurry because some old friends were visiting from Agra and Gaziabad. Even in that hurry, I went to GIP to pick my bag.

Me (pointing at the dark red bag sitting on the display): “Please give a fresh one of that”

Sales assistant (shouting at the boy responsible for pulling things out of the storage area) : “Bring out one Sha-yoni” 

“What? What is the name of the bag?”


Thanks to my parents to decide to give me a name that everyone has difficulty pronouncing. For the same reason, my name in spoken in various way. So, obviously it felt that it was my name - Shayoni - Chayoni. Also, I hardly see my name anywhere. Indeed, it felt nice.

When I checked the tag, it was ‘Chione’

I asked – “How do your pronounce this? I think it is Che-yon.”

“No madam, it is Cha-yonni”

Madam, very happy. 

I will show you the bag another post because it deserves to be the hero heroine in a post.

So, with me and my sort-of-mispronounced-namesake bag, I returned to Delhi to meet my friends. Recollected all the good times. One of the guy was my husband’s roommate and the other lived in the same apartment. We used to hand out a lot earlier so, we had a lot of stories to share. 

We went to Kake Da Hotel, CP. One of the messiest and tastiest dhaba type restaurant which is not very hygienic. I had it in my list of places to eat. In fact, when I reached Delhi on Saturday, I went to eat there. The line of people waiting there was long and so, we went to the nearby National Hotel. It was pathetic. Yes, the start of my Delhi trip was bad and hence, I didn’t even bothered to mention it in the first post. This time, I made everyone wait and the meal was well worth it. 

Natural’s Ice cream is now available in Delhi. People from Mumbai might be aware of them. They have the best fruit ice creams. I love all other variant there and can kill for their Tender Coconut. So, obviously, I made them try the different variants.

The exotic Spa of the World Collection by The Body Shop. Check out the range with ingredients from all over the world.
Makeup Forever at Sephora Gurgaon
Benefit counter calling my name
This can put a Candy Store to shame.
Meeting Bharti for the first time. It was great meeting her. I also realised that I need to cut my bangs.
Going by the cycle rickshaw to Metro #PublicTransportKiJai
I highly appreciate Delhi Metro. Majorly because of the woman special coach.
New Innisfree at Mall of India, Noida. Each brown box is loaded with fresh products
I need to buy this entire store. Chumbak, you are super cool.
Sort of Healthier version of junk food - Burgers and Fries at Carl's Jr
Can you spot Akshardhaam?
Huge meal at Kaka da Hotel, CP, Delhi
Natural's at Delhi
My Favorite - Tender Coonut

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