Delhi Day 1: Realised That Shopping Cannot Be Forced And Ordered Every Drink in The Menu

Mar 24, 2016

My recent trip to Delhi was planned months ago. As I know that I love to shop there, I was saving my money for a quite some time to make the splurge there. I arrived late (due to weather issues) on Saturday night but we did nothing special that day. So, let’s start with the official Day 1 – 13th March, Sunday.

I woke up and made a beeline to Saket. I planned to shop, shop and shop. Interestingly, after roaming there for hours (along with my hubby and his friend), I found nothing. Nothing. Maybe I have become too choosy. Makeup was a no for me (unless I head over heels in love with something and  that something is not available in Kolkata. I no longer buy PU bags nor do I like to buy jewelry with zero resale value. I find it better to put my money in things that will last forever. But, these will-last-forever-things are never cheap. So, I have to be 200% sure before I go and put my money in. I went to Sephora and Forever 21 as well hoping to buy loads of things but no luck. Long story short – I got nothing. 

We decided to eat and hit the first shop in our vicinity – Burger King. Loved the burgers and gorged on them. Also, tried the cheesy fries and loved them. While ordering, I made sure to order an additional fries because I hate sharing food when I am hungry. HATE. Especially fries. I hate sharing fries even when I am full. 

(As I am typing this, I am drooling...)

Cheesy Fries
Burger King

Right, after we got out, I found it there – right in front of me – The Good Earth Store. Damn, the store is so beautiful. This was my first time in the store. The Amritam rose water was in my wish list for long. I had other things as well but as the list is not a written list (I guess, I never I imagined myself entering the store in my life), I forgot what I was supposed to get. So, I picked the rose water only. They also retail Kama Ayurveda and Ananda in the Himalaya products.

Good Earth Store in Saket, Delhi
The Good Earth Store in Saket, Delhi
Good Earth Store in Saket, Delhi

Shopping at Select Citywalk, Saket

After that we went to GK M-Block for silver jewelry. Instead of GK II, we went to GK I. So, after hopelessly roaming around for 20 minutes and finding the place to be 100% different from how we remember it to be, we realized our mistake. After laughing for few minutes, we called our friends and decided to meet at Social at Hauz Khas Village. Both the places were on my list.

Before we entered, I discovered another store which I never thought that I will encounter – The Fragrance People. Picked a four candle set and 2 fragrance oils there. 

So, here it was. While I hoped to shop a lot from the stores I have been a million times, I actually brought few things that I ones I thought of getting long time back.

The Fragrance People
The Fragrance People
Hauz Khas Village - Little Goa in Delhi :P

After that we all went to Social and the place is freaking awesome. More friends joined us. Loved everything about the place. I enjoyed the presentation so much that we ordered every cocktails in the menu. Each one of them. All are not pictured because we had them the moment they reached our table. :P There were few we could not order because they were not offereing them that day. Other than those 2-3, we checked off all the cocktails on the newspaper type menu. We also danced like no one is watching. God! It was fun. I am definily coming back to this place. 

Two Lost Souls Swimming in a Fish Bowl, Social, Hauz Khas Village

Screwdriver, Social, Hauz Khas Village (Yes, it is a real screwdriver)
Cosmo Explosion, Social, Hauz Khas Village (And yes, they have candy floss in it)
Death Wings and Chakhna Tiffin Box, Social, Hauz Khas Village 

Old walls at Hauz Khas Village


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