Delhi Day 2 : Something Old and Something New

Mar 25, 2016

Delhi never fails to surprise me. I thought that only Kolkata has those old building dotting the posh areas - remains of the elegant past, places which refused to be broken down and turned into glass-walled structures. But, while walking in the poshest of the Delhi roads, I saw this. It made me stop because I never expect this in Delhi. In between planned roads, MP bungalows, and fancy offices, how did you managed to stay strong?

I made a quick stop at Smoothie Factory because - frozen yogurt! My initial plan was to have Chole Bhature in Bengali Market but this seemed healthier. Also, I got to try two new flavors - New York Cheesecake and Red Velvet. I can safely say that I love fruit one more. 

After, this I went to buy sweets at Bengali Market. I was on my way to Shahadra to meet my septuagenarian uncle. This time, instead of ola or uber, I decided to take my favorite metro. Delhi metro has changed and I have forgotten a lot of things about it. It felt familiar but it still managed to confuse me at times. The day before hubby picked few books from Saket. I was dead against it because we both have a Kindle. But, when he made his mind, I slipped Mrs. Funnybones into his basket. Do read this book at least once. The book portrays the modern feminist views in an interestingly way.

After meeting my uncle, I decided to visit Khan Market. After the confused visit to GK M-Block the day earlier, I had to check the silver here. I almost brought something from Amrapali but then I found that the one I choose was not even silver - it was brass. #FacePalm

But, I found this little earring which seemed nice - pearl meets sparkle meets silver. #Cute

I had almost made my mind to leave the place. Called hubby to pick me from Khan Market so, that we could go for dinner somewhere. And out of the blue - Innisfree. It has been three years that Innisfree has come to India and I have never shopped from here yet - personally. I had to enter the store. I picked two hand creams as well which I forgot to photograph here #WhereWasMyMind? #Overworked They also slipped in a sample of the new Innisfree Orchid Enriched Cream,

Next stop - Milkshake. How can you visit Delhi and not have a Keventer's milkshake at CP? I would have even had a patty from Wenger's if it was open. Not that I love it too much but for old memories. There were days when while coming to Gurgaon, I use to get down at Rajiv Chowk to buy those patty for my friends in Noida.

For dinner, we went to Andhra Bhawan. I cannot thank my husband enough for this treat. I loved the place - rustic, quick, traditional and simple. The food on top was great. I loved everything. Had I known that my husband has planned this for me, I would not have had that crazy large milkshake.

Best thing in Andra Bhavan - Chicken Fry and Mutton Fry. If you love spicy I mean spicy...not just hot and full of chilies but full of flavorful spices - go to Andhra Bhawan and order this. They also have curry but this is far spicier. I have already put in my to-do list for my next Delhi visit (no idea when that is going to happen)

Smoothie Factory - New York Cheesecake and Red Velvet Frozen Yogurt
Mrs Funnybones in Delhi Metro
Thank you for your co-operation
Silver Earring from Silverline, Khan Market, Delhi (Rs 550)
Innisfree Haul Delhi
New Launch at Innisfree - Orchid Enriched Cream
Mango Milkshake, Keventers, CP
Unlimited Veg Thali at Andhra Bhavan for just Rs 110
Must order at Andhra Bhavan - Chicken fry (Rs 130) and Mutton Fry (Rs 150)


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